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Free newsletters are sent to specific end user groups













Paid subscriptions mean high quality readers













White Papers:
Here is an example of a white paper which reversed a trend in hospital gowns. The client just wanted an honest third party evaluation but the facts spoke for themselves.














Magazine Articles
Mcilvaine writes feature articles for magazines in India, China, Europe and the Americas.  Coverage of your products and their value will boost sales. Here are some examples

Shale gas














Direct Mail
Mcilvaine sends emails out weekly to thousands of prospects around the world.  but there are relatively few individuals receiving any one email . We try to only provide information which will be useful to them. So  each group is in a narrow niche which means high value if you serve that niche.  Email programs are part of bigger initiatives with you and are not available as stand alone  lists.


















InterWebviews™ are hosted discussions with recorded presentations by your experts. The recordings are uploaded to YouTube with strategic links and are experiencing up to 3500 viewers each.

The best information is no longer in brochures and catalogs.  It resides on your laptop power point presentations. Here are some tips on leveraging this resource;

·       Think outside the box. There is a unique communication route which dictates an informal engineering oriented recording  with a presentation by your application engineer or salesman.

·       Don’t make the mistake of striving for image rather than substance.

·       Make the presentation short and focused on why the client should consider a specific product.

·       Create multiple recordings with combinations of industries, products and languages.

Cost and Process

·       The cost is $100.00/minute with a minimum of 8 minutes.

·       Mcilvaine sets up a GoToMeeting for recording an interview.

·       The presenter sends his PowerPoint slide deck to Mcilvaine in advance.

·       The introduction by the Mcilvaine host is informal.

·       Mcilvaine sequences the slides as the presenter speaks.

·       Mcilvaine asks one question to add to the simulation of a customer presentation.

·       Recording is then prepared and posted as explained above.


The following presentations have averaged more than 1000 viewers and some have experienced over 3000.



Subject (Click title to view recording)



Nh3 Measurement



Cement MACT Monitoring



Mercury Monitoring




Atlas  Copco


Screw Compressors



Rotary Pump



Mercury Removal



Urea to Ammonia

To set up an InterWEBview™ or to ask questions please contact Bob Mcilvaine, Ross Ardell or Denise Flasch at 847-784-0012 or email us at:













  Shared Webinars

As many as four companies split the time and cost for a shared webinar. Mcilvaine delivers the audience and hosts the event. Some are arranged by one of the presenting companies who chooses his partners. An example of this is  Nuendorfer

Other shared webinars are arranged by Mcilvaine around specific industries and topics. Here is an example of companies wanting to reach the cement company purchasers    Cement Mact

These recordings are posted in the Mcilvaine free Global Orchard and also can be linked from the presenter sites.  Presentations can also be posted to youtube   Tekran













Custom Webinars

Suppliers wishing to reach a specific audience in power , cement, wastewater, and other areas can opt for a “custom webinar”.  Mcilvaine delivers the audience and hosts the webinar. The event is recorded and linked from the Mcilvaine Global Orchard and the presenter websites. Here are two examples:     Honeywell      Invista














Using the Webex recording mode presentations can be prepared for YouTube. They can incorporate both power point presentations with audio as well as video. Some large companies such as GE post YouTube presentations every day. But in general there are still relatively few industrial presentations. Our YouTube presentation by Tekran is the first display under “Cement MACT”













Application Notes

The purchaser wants to know how your product is going to solve his very specific problem. So sales are increased by making detailed application information available on our free site and on yours.  We can write and post these in batches from a few to many . If you have no other room in your budget you can at least start with a few “application Notes”.  But you will want to eventually populate your site and ours with more.  Here  is the display for  Industeel














We can post your power point presentations as a quick way to populate the specific application niches in our Global Knowledge Orchard and your website.   You can view many of these just by clicking on "Text Descriptor" in the Global Orchard and then  "Presentation"















Youtube and Webex  InterWEbviews™  should be conducted for every product in every important application. When a salesman makes an important presentation and realizes there are other customers with the same interest, he can change the title and we can record his presentation for a wider audience.  When you click the "Text Descriptor" in the Global Orchard you can view any of the recordings by clicking on "InterWEBview" or "Webinar Recording"

















The speeches given at conferences and articles appearing in magazines authored by your employees can be posted in the Global Knowledge Orchard and then linked from your site.  The Global Orchard provides a standardized and easy way for the customer to find the article most relevant to his need. View articles  posted in the Global Orchard under the "Text Descriptor" and then "Article"













Case Studies

these are  more extensive analyses than application notes. We can post any that you have already prepared plus help write more extensive ones. We can also provide third party authenticity by phoning or otherwise verifying information with the end user. Examples are shown under "Text Descriptor" and then  "Case Studies"













Custom Website

Mcilvaine prepares a site for a division or the entire corporation. The site allows coordination for all the subscribed services  Other divisions can be given access to the main site but not the subscribed services or custom reports.  The site allows cooperation voluntarily and spontaneously. So it is even more effective for corporations who want to encourage independence of subsidiaries.  There are substantial discounts for multiple users to Mcilvaine services. The custom website alerts everyone to the specific services and users of a particular database or report. 

The site also includes the 'Integrated Intelligence System'.  Don't miss seeing the detailed example at our sample ABC Company website.













Training and Sales Webinars

Mcilvaine can conduct sales webinars regularly. Each individual is at his computer and can see the displays. Time is not as limited as it is at a national sales meeting. This encourages collaborative dialog

Training webinars can build on recordings.  The trainee can be assigned to view some of the hundreds of recorded webinars from Mcilvaine hot topic hours. Then a customized training webinar can be conducted to answer questions and relate to the specific needs of the trainee.













Custom Support and Forecasts

Mcilvaine serves large and small companies with custom research and market forecasts. Some is specific for acquisitions or new products. Some is to verify the company's own forecasts. For many clients the research is on going.  Clients include some of the largest coal fired power generators, suppliers of power plant equipment, hospital and cleanroom clothing, water treatment chemicals, fabrics, pumps , valves, and even governments. Mcilvaine has been conducting market research since 1974.

The worlds knowledge resides in niches. A few experts in each narrow niche have unique insights. Mcilvaine can link to the right expert to answer critical questions.













Multi Client Market Reports

Mcilvaine supplies market reports in a number of different areas  these continually updated reports provide forecasting at a level where the individual salesman can provide meaningful input.  The pump report supplies a forecast for rotary pumps for the chemical industry in Germany. So the the individual sales people can each contribute to assure the accuracy of the global numbers.  Here are the listings by category

Air      Water     Energy    Contamination Control     Flow Control