Title: Cement MACT Review Webinar Recording - Hot Topic Hour March 30, 2011

Presenters gave the latest insights on important developments. One is the use a special lime product to achieve high HCl removal. Injection of a special halogen compound will provide efficient mercury removal using either dry or wet scrubbers. The need for PM CEMS means utilizing technology new to the cement industry. A number of types of CEMS will be needed to meet the emission reporting requirements and for process control. Password: hth248

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  • Lhoist

  • MSI Mechanical Systems

  • Shaw

  • Thermo Fisher

  • Bromine

  • Chemical Injection

  • Lime


  • Mercury Removal

  • Monitoring

  • Sorbent Injection


  • Air Quality

  • HCl

  • Mercury

  • Particulates

  • Hot Topic Hour - Cement MACT


  • 3/30/2011





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