Four Lane Knowledge Bridge to the End Users

Mcilvaine offers a powerful new sales route for those who sell quality not price. The Knowledge based sales approach empowers the purchaser to determine the lowest life cycle cost option. Sell the best and highest margin product with vehicles traveling in each lane: bike, truck, auto, and express. Here is the program with Mcilvaine traffic control to guide you.

BikeProvide your sales people with the project and contact information to make them most effective. Do most of the selling before the specifications are determined. Learn about projects far in advance. Understand the decision making sequence.  Accomplish this with:

Project Tracking    Plant Data    Networking Directories    BizKnowNet

TruckUse all the media opportunities to generate sales leads. These include Mcilvaine as well as other publications. White papers are geared to educate as to the lowest life cycle cost and not initial price. Here are the vehicles in the truck lane:

Insights      Newsletters   White Papers    Magazine Articles     Direct Mail

AutoIncreasing use of the digital media is critical. Take advantage the investment in power point presentations to provide a much wider audience. To convince your prospect that your product is best not cheapest you need to provide specifics for his application. Maximize the value of:

InterWebviews™         Shared Webinars     Custom Webinars      YouTube

ExpressBe the first to show up in the Mcilvaine Free Global Knowledge Orchard, on Google, and YouTube. Populate your website with specific application data to convince the prospect that you may have the best product for his need.

Application Notes     Presentations     Recordings      Articles     Case Histories     Application/Product Finder

Traffic Control:  Specific sales efforts should be integrated with strategic planning and market research. Multi client market research reports provide micro forecasts relevant to each sales territory. Better micro forecasts mean better macro forecasts and a firm foundation for quotas and planning. Third party traffic control provides the “carrot” not the “stick” for cooperation among disparate corporate entities.

Custom Website       Custom Support and Analysis

Training and Sales Webinars     Global Orchard Gatekeeper  


Multi client market reports:   Air    Water    Energy    Contamination Control     Flow Control