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Decisive Classification

All decision making is a series of classifications. We live in a world where the amount of available knowledge is doubling every year and is already overwhelming. We can no longer effectively sift through unorganized and  unclassified information in google. One  major answer to increasing productivity is  a reliable decisive classification system. Mcilvaine has made great strides in creating one. Here are the segments.

Decisive Geographic Segmentation

There are more than 200 countries but 120 are too small to represent viable markets for many products. Mcilvaine has 80 basic countries and sub regions and a defined aggregation by region and continent.

·         Decisive Classification


Decisive Classification of  Subjects, Products, and Processes

Subjects need to be identified in a hierarchy.  By identifying the parents and children of a specific subject one creates the complete hierarchy sequentially. Much work is needed to expand this system. Mcilvaine is working with American and Chinese Filtration Societies and other associations in this regard.

·        Other Subject

·         Process

·         Product

·        Decisive Classification Initiative for Monitoring products and services

Decisive Classification of Applications

In decision making regarding products it is critical to precisely identify the application in which the product will be used. This will be the combination of an industry ,process, and sub process.  The more decision sequences which can be capture in the application link the more efficient the search process. No matter how long the sequence it also is captured with just one number as shown in the explanation.

The following explanation  is based on the identification of the application for a centrifugal pump for an FGD scrubber system.  First of all the long string is necessary to identify this very unique application which can only be addressed by a handful of pump companies. Secondly hundreds of millions of dollars of pumps for this application are being purchased. So it is worth the time and effort to extend this application definition as far as possible.

Over time many lengthy application strings will be generated .  they can then be used by future searchers to not only aid in their searches but identify the application in their specifications

 The NAICS codes have been incorporated to provide the industry identification.  Application Codes used to identify Global orchard applications since December 2010.

Applications identified in the Global Orchard prior to December 2010

Mcilvaine has also identified every industry in the U.S which is discharging wastewater directly


Decisive Company Classification

There are two main contributors to confusion about corporate identities.  First company divisions may have names which do not relate to the parent corporation. Second, the translations from languages with characters such as Chinese is a flexibile art not a science.  Mcilvaine has developed numerical identification of each corporation along with the identification of subsidiaries and names in Chinese.



 Special Focus Classification

The basic system is ideal for a purchaser or specifer looking for a product for an individual application. Suppliers, researchers and consultants often have a broader agenda. They are interested in multiple applications, multiple products, and multiple processes. The decisive classification system can be made much more efficient for them with Easy Gates.  Broader categories are created and it becomes easy to link to them as a group rather than with more painstaking individual searching. Here is one example designed for the water monitoring specialist.


Click on words or orchard trees to view results


These special focus  entry tools are “Easy  Gates” in the Global Decisions Orchard. Collaborators with Mcilvaine will be able to create their own gates.  The focus would be on  purchasers who buy multiple products from the collaborator. The information  needs to be comprehensive enough to make it worthwhile for the purchaser to use this gate rather than the main gate.

The analogy would be similar to the early computerized airline travel schedules.  American and then United did show some competitor information but the systems still provided very substantial competitive advantage.

So as shown pictorially below the water monitoring professional can enter the “easy gate” or he can take the longer route through the main gate. He can of course alternatively choose the Google Wilderness instead of the Easy Gate.  But even if he initially chooses the Google route it will eventually lead him to the Orchard and he will see the advantage of using the Easy Gate next time.


Role of the Gatekeeper


Gatekeepers can be corporations,  associations, or even universities. They become partners with Mcilvaine in expanding the worlds access to information.  Here are the definitions





Global Decisions Orchard

Synergistically juxtaposed decision trees

Free access to knowledge thru decisive classification system

Main gate

Entry gate  with access to all trees

Search system for  all information using decisive key words and phrases

Easy gate

Entry to certain sectors through a shorter route

System to shorten the decisive classification sequence for those with special interest

Keeper of easy gate

Additional gate and adjoining orchard sector

Controls the details in the sequence reducing easy gate system


There are three main advantages of being a gate keeper

Direct sales increase: The main advantage of being a gate keeper is to insure that your special  prospective customers follow your logic in making their decisions. Lets take the water monitoring entry gate as an example. It will appeal to hydrologists because the applications, products, and product components are specially arranged for the decisions they make. This special gate will be most helpful to consultants and water testing companies. It will en he number of decisive classifications which are necessary to make decisions compared to entry through the main gate. 

Searchers will  use the system as long as it has more  value than going through the main gate . the gate does not need to lead to competitive information as long as there is comprehensive information on all other aspects. The searcher can use the easy gate for 90% of his work and then go through the main gate to the competitor information for the other 10%.

Participate in shaping the decisive classification structure: Each radius and circle in the circular entry system provides a special focus from the perspective of the water monitoring professional and becomes a pre-determined decisive classification. Every article or bit of information which is entered into the orchard will include the unique radii and circle identifiers. These broad classifications in turn are composed of the individual decisive classifications which are also of critical importance.  The gate keeper will have input as to the decisive classification of the individual terms.

For example here is a decisive classification of catalyst maintenance. The major suppliers of catalyst assisted in creating precise definitions. A Chinese expert provided a precise Chinese equivalent


Major Class





Chinese Descriptor

Spanish Descriptor




 Catalyst Maintenance

 Cleaning Catalyst




 Limpieza del catalizador


 A dry process that utilizes vacuum and compressed air to mechanically remove as much of the fly ash accumulation as possible.


 Catalyst Maintenance

 Regeneration Catalyst




 La regeneración del catalizador


 “Catalyst cleaning” followed by a wet chemical process to remove decay compounds plus re-impregnation of the catalytic compound(s).


 Catalyst Maintenance

 Rejuvenation Catalyst




 Rejuvenecimiento del catalizador


 “Catalyst cleaning” followed by a wet chemical process to remove some decay compounds with minimum removal of catalytic compound(s). There is no re-impregnation of the catalytic compound(s).


Strengthen your website and internal organization.  The entry gate design should also be utilized on the gatekeeper website to lead the prospective customer most efficiently to the right product. Because of the application radii it is better suited to the customer needs than the typical corporate website which is organized around the corporate structure and not the customer needs.

It is also a reaffirmation of corporate goals and activities. The fact that surface water and groundwater each have their own radius whereas semiconductor and beverage are part of “other industries” reaffirms the corporate prioritization of hydrologists as the # 1 targeted market.  Another entry gate could have a completely different grouping of applications, products and focus circles.

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