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Renewable Energy has moved into the main stream and this report provides subscribers with the information needed to stay abreast of this rapidly changing industry.

Market forecasts are provided for countries around the world through the year 2014 for wind, solar, biomass, hydro and geothermal. MWs installed, capital expenditures and kWh of electricity generated are included in the forecasts.

Detailed information on the projects is also contained in this service.

Each month the Update - which runs over 100 pages - brings all the latest information. The online format allows the user to select only the articles of interest.

The company profiles section provides detailed information on the companies in the industry while the Networking Directory gives contact information.


McIlvaine editors gather information for our report on a daily basis asking themselves the following questions.

How does this affect the forecasts we have?

Do we have all the details on this project in the project report?

Do we need to add this material to the profile for this company?

Should we change the material in the background section?

In this way our reports are continually updated.