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Cormetech multipollutant catalyst reduces footprint and pressure drop

Advanced Multi-Function Catalyst, initially developed and patented by Siemens Energy Inc., and optimized and fully developed into commercial production as METEOR™ by Cormetech, Inc., simultaneously reduces NOx, CO, VOCs and NH3 slip to compliance levels in one catalyst layer. It provides several key benefits, compared to the traditional solution with two separate catalysts (i.e., CO oxidation and SCR), to address the changing dynamics of the power industry: 1. Capital cost reduction through a reduced footprint within the HRSG. 2. Enhanced efficiency and increased MW load operation through reduced catalyst pressure loss (from the single catalyst layer layout combined with Cormetech’s latest patented ultra-high surface area, high open area honeycomb in a pleated module). 3. Lower maintenance cost through reduced cold-end fouling from sulfuric acid and ammonium bisulfate (ABS). 4. Broader load flexibility through much lower sensitivity to flue gas sulfur compounds (e.g., SO2).

Revision Date:  8/16/2016

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Managing the Catalysts of a Combustion Turbine Fleet

Historically, many gas plants have been operated cyclically with extended dormant periods due to high natural gas prices and a varying demand for the electricity the plant provides. For plants with an SCR system, stopping and laying up the equipment may accelerate aging of the catalyst system components, increasing the importance of inspections and preventative maintenance planning. This article discusses the process of economically managing a fleet of SCR-equipped gas turbines.

Revision Date:  8/3/2015

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How to Reduce Catalyst Lifecycle Cost, Improve Reliability

Balancing the requirements of each SCR system in the fleet can be challenging. A system can reduce NOx by greater than 95%, but when the efficiency of the SCR is pushed beyond 85% and—or, if—the outlet emissions are less than 5 ppm, the system becomes much more sensitive to several independent system parameters. These include overall catalytic potential, effective ammonia injection/mixing in the flue-gas stream, flue-gas characteristics for inlet NOx, velocity, and temperature distributions.

Revision Date:  10/23/2013

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Cormetech Company Profile in the Combined Cycle Journal, October 1, 2013

Cormetech, a joint equity venture of Corning Incorporated and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., is recognized as the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of catalysts for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for control of nitrogen oxides from stationary sources. With manufacturing facilities in Durham, North Carolina and Cleveland, Tennessee, Cormetech services the power generation, petro-chemical refinery and industrial processing industries worldwide with environmental technology solutions.

Revision Date:  10/21/2013

Tags:  221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, Cormetech, Catalyst, SCR, Air Pollution Control, Nox Control, Combined Cycle Journal