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Bacterial Contamination of Turbine and Circulating Lube Oil Systems

Bacterial contamination of large circulating oil systems in steam turbines is an expensive problem. This paper describes the problem and lists the types of lubricants and conditions that appear to be most susceptible, methods of treatment and known methods to clean up and prevent bacterial contamination.

Revision Date:  11/23/2016

Tags:  PacifiCorp, BHE Environmental, Inc., Lubrication

Energy Saving at PacifiCorp Washington Plants

PacifiCorp Energy has seven generation facilities in their fleet that provide electricity to the State of Washington. These units vary from coal‐fired to natural gas to wind. The State of Washington has recently passed legislation requiring PacifiCorp to complete all cost effective energy efficiency measures in these generation facilities. The purpose of this 2011 report was to outline the systems investigated and detail the cost effective measures.

Revision Date:  9/26/2016

Tags:  PacifiCorp, Variable Speed Drive, Fan

Wyodak installs full flow condensate filtration

This coal fired power plant used air cooled condensers which cause problems with the condensate. In 2011 PacifiCorp purchased Pall 20 micron filters for the full flow. The question posed at the time was whether it would be worth more efficient filters e.g. 10 micron or 6 micron. 5 years have now passed since this presentation at the 2011 ACC users group . What is the current status and experience?

Revision Date:  9/22/2016

Tags:  PacifiCorp, Pall Corporation, Flow Control Equipment, Cartridge, Filtration

Approved gas turbine component supplier list for PacifiCorp

gas turbine combined cycle plants purchased by Pacific Corp. Preferred vendors based on the Currant Creek 2 plant are designated. For example Cuno is the approved supplier for the condensate filters. However in 2011 at Wyodak the Pall filter was installed to replace the existing Cuno string wound filters and positive results such as less iron deposition were experienced. Has this information been transferred to those making up bidders lists?

Revision Date:  8/29/2016

Tags:  PacifiCorp, High Performance Valve, Cartridge, Pump, Power Plant, NOx, Valve, Emissions Control