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This bi-weekly Thermal/Catalytic Insights provide excerpts from the McIlvaine Thermal/Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets.  It also provides excerpts from related publications.  The market report is conceived as the traffic control on a 4 lane knowledge bridge to the purchasers and specifiers.



·        4 Lane Knowledge Bridge to the End User

·        Decisive Validation Is The Route To Better Decision Making In The Developing World

·        Knowledge Flow And Translation From China Rather Than To It

·        Sales Leads For Oil & Gas - July 29, 2013

·        Industrial Air Emitters Headlines – July 2013


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4 Lane Knowledge Bridge to the End User

Decisive Validation Is the Route to Better Decision Making In the Developing World

It is easy to buy the lowest cost product.  It is very challenging to select the best product with the lowest life cycle cost. The buyer has to evaluate supplier claims. This is difficult and made even more difficult in developing countries where there are language problems and lack of experience.

There has been no organized system to help the buyer make the necessary evaluations. In contrast, the buyer can be assured that the supplier will adhere to quality management standards in the manufacture of the product through ISO 9000 and other ISO standards.

Decisive Validation is a process which will make it easy for the buyer to make the best purchasing choices. It involves a whole system with a decisive classification sequence. At each step along the way there is a decisive classification of the options and validation that the supplier product is the right choice.

An example of purchasing options for NOx reduction is displayed in the McIlvaine Global Decisions Orchard

DeNOx Decisively Classified Options for Coal, Cement, Incineration.

In addition to the conventional SCR and SNCR, there are three other options presented including ozone injection, hydrogen peroxide injection and the use of a catalytic filter. It is shown that the disadvantages of the chemicals are the operating cost, whereas, the disadvantage of the catalytic filter is lack of experience.

Each application is unique.  In the case of the chemicals, it is necessary to show that in a specific application the cost of the chemicals will be more than offset by the lower capital cost.  In the case of the catalytic filter, there is the need to show that there is ample commercial experience to satisfy the purchaser.

Decisive Validation with independent third party analysis using niche experts is the way to provide convincing evidence.

Niche Expert System  

An additional challenge is to communicate the validation results to the purchaser.  If his native language is Chinese, then the essence of the results along with the decisions sequence need to be provided in Chinese. The Global Decisions Orchard is a mechanism to make these results known.

Free News and Analyses in the Global Decisions Orchard

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Validation costs can range widely. However, when the benefits of validation are compared to those for conventional sales efforts it is clear that validation should be a major undertaking.   One example of the benefits of validation is the white paper on use of single use vs. reusable surgical gowns.

·          Single Use Surgical Apparel


Hospitals were leaning toward reusable gowns with the belief that they were greener.  An extensive analysis showed that the water use and contamination aspects of reusables outweighed the greenhouse gases resulting from single use gown manufacture.

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Knowledge Flow and Translation from China Rather than to It

In case you are of the impression that the Chinese desperately need valuable information which is in English and needs to be translated, whereas there is not much valuable information in Chinese which needs to be translated to English, then it is time to reflect.

A number of International industrial and drug companies now have research centers in China, so people whose first language is Chinese are doing much basic research. Most Chinese engineers can read English, whereas, few non-Chinese engineers can read Chinese.

The most modern industrial plants are being built in China. The U.S. has little supercritical boiler experience compared to China. The most active FGD supplier in China started up 25 new systems last year totaling nearly 13,000 MW.

FGD Plants Start-ups in China in 2012 by OEM

(translated from Chinese)



Name of Company

Total Capacity in

Operation (MW)

Methods & Percent

of FGD


Beijing Guodian Long Yuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.



L-G WFGD 97.64

Carbide slag-gypsum method 2.36


Fujian Longking Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.



L-G WFGD 68.18

CFB FGD 31.82


Zhejiang University Insigma Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.




L-G WFGD 100


China Huadian (Group) Engineering Co., Ltd.




L-G WFGD 100


Shandong Sanrong Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.




L-G WFGD 100

There is a great deal of good published information in Chinese. Government statistics show the above market share data for FGD. There is similar information on DeNOx.  Elsewhere in the world McIlvaine is compiling market share data through its own efforts, but in China much of this data is available. Therefore, McIlvaine is finding that there is as much need to translate Chinese into English as the reverse.

SALES LEADS FOR OIL & GAS - July 29, 2013

(Listed by most current date)


·         GE, Rosneft Sign Agreement to Modernize Russia's Oil and Gas Infrastructure  (Agreement Dated:7/18/2013)

·         KBR Wins Services Contract for Sasol Synfuels Project  (Contract Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         Kinder Morgan Energy Partners to Expand Capacity on Sweeny Lateral Pipeline  (Project Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         CNOOC Chooses Emerson to Automate South China Sea Natural Gas Development Platform  (Project Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         Seadrill Enters into Contracts for Two Newbuild Jack-ups for Delivery in 2015 & 2016  (Contract Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         China’s Greka Drilling Awarded Contract from CNPC  (Contract Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         PDVSA Signs $4 Bln China Loan to Increase Orinoco Belt Output  (Agreement Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         CSU Leads Study on Methane Emissions from Transmission and Storage Systems  (Research Study Dated: 7/18/2013)

·         Petrobras to Establish a JV for E&P Operations in Africa  (Agreement Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Southwest Engineers Signs Agreement with Earthwater Resources for Oil and Gas Venture  (Agreement Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Iran’s North Drilling to Import Ten Drilling Rigs Worth $850 Mln from China  (Contract Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Norway Awards Twenty-four Production Licenses in the 22nd Licensing Round  (Award Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Petrobras Awards Technip Major Pipe Supply Contract for Santos Basin, Brazil  (Contract Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Shell to Invest $3.9 Bln in Nigeria Projects  (Project Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Camac Energy to Invest $35 Million in Kenya Exploration  (Investment Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         2nd China International Shale Gas Summit 2013  (Exhibition Dated: 7/17/2013)

·         Hoover Energy Announces Delaware Basin Compression and Processing Additions  (Project Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Engineering Plastics Perform Well in Oil and Gas Exploration Fracking Operations  (Article Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         GE Supplying Waukesha Gas Engines to Howard Midstream Cryogenic Processing Plant  (Project Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Oman’s OOCEP Awards $40 Mln Pipeline Contract to Abu Dhabi Based NPCC  (Contract Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         AMEC Awarded EPC Contract Extension from BG Group  (Contract Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Severstal to Supply Pipes for the Power of Siberia Project  (Project Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Marcellus Shale Region Produced Water to be Recovered, Reused by R3 Fusion’s New Technology  (Article Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Oman Reaches 'Conceptual Deal' with BP on Tight Gas Reserves  (Agreement Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Aker Solutions Wins Equipment Agreement for Heidrun Platform  (Agreement Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         Ametek Wins $4.6 Mln Sulfur Analyzers Contract in Abu Dhabi  (Contract Dated: 7/16/2013)

·         SOCAR Orders $800 Mln Semi-Submersible Rig from Keppel  (Contract Dated: 7/15/2013)

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