The cost of FGD systems vary considerably depending first of all on whether the system is new or a retrofit. The retrofit systems can cost from 50 to 100 percent more than a new system.  The difference primarily is in the additional duct work, removal of existing equipment and engineering required to fit the large FGD system into an existing plant site.  EPRI estimates for the cost of limestone forced oxidation systems made in the early 1990s are shown in Figure IV-1.  The cost per kilowatt ranges from $170 for a new plant to $216 per kilowatt for a moderate retrofit. However the total plant cost is only $158 per kilowatt.  Actual bids by contractors in recent years have seldom been in excess of $100 per kilowatt for large new projects. 


The system supplier is a major purchaser of components.  Virtually all the system suppliers buy not only the fans and pumps from outside contractors, but typically also the scrubber vessels, duct work and other hardware utilized in the system