Title: Evaluation of Heavy Metal Contamination and Geochemical Characteristics of CCPs in Korea

In this study, basic geochemical characteristics and heavy metal contaminations of CCPs from two coal-fired power plants in South Korea were evaluated. In order to find out the geochemical properties of CCPs from each power plant, various test including XRF, XRD and SEM analysis were performed. The heavy metal contamination was measured by heavy metal contents test and leaching test to evaluate environmental safety. The result showed that the contents of CaO and K2O in CCPs are high than in normal soils. It was found that the levels of heavy metal contamination of CCPs from all power plants were below the safety standards of soil pollution. Leaching test also showed that the contents of heavy metals of CCPs were lower than the safety standards.

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   Person Information
  •     Choi, Wooseok  -  Seoul National University

  •     Kim, Taewan  -  Seoul National University

  •     Park, Jaesung  -  Seoul National University

  •     Son, Younghwan  -  Seoul National University

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