Title: Bromine Corrosion impact on Scrubber needs Investigation by Gary Blythe and John Grocki, URS - EUEC Conference 2014 - Hot Topic Hour April 10, 2014

Bromine can accumulate in the scrubber recycle. Confirmation of the accumulation was determined in a study at Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). John Grocki advised the attendees that there are big variations even between units at the same plant. There is a range of concentrations which can be of concern. Bromine and Chlorine cannot be treated the same and the combination has a different impact than either one independently. So whether there will be corrosion and which material is best to protect against it is based on the concentrations of both halogens. In addition to the scrubber itself, the injection of halogens in the fuel can have impacts on the air heater and ductwork.

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  •     Blythe, Gary  -  URS Corp.

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 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Coal-Fired 燃煤              
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