Title: Coronavirus mask reuse webinar PowerPoint Presentation

Cleanroom, biotechnology, filtration, and decontamination experts discussed ways to design reusable masks and then clean them. Panelists included Wallace Leung of Polytechnic University Hongkong; Christine Sun, Waterloo Filtration Institute; David Shelep, Paramount Sciences; Jim Agalloco, Agalloco Associates; Barry Garfinkle, Barry Garfinkle Associates; Jeff Mathers, Purafil along with host Bob Mcilvaine. Different mask designs were evaluated as were decontamination methods such as hydrogen peroxide decontamination, UV light, Cl02, and heat. There was agreement that decontamination and reuse of masks can be immediately accomplished using some existing facilities. Mask reuse with SMS (meltblown between spun bonds) is only one option. Nanofiber laminates with and without electrostatic augmentation is also an option which is now commercial. China is already producing large quantities of reusable face masks with a cotton support for nanofiber filter media. The masks can be washed 20 times and still retain N95 efficiency. There is also an upscale version with colorful designs and the release valve to meet the resistance, particulate and viral removal needed. With the new reusable designs billions of people could be protected at a cost of only 15 cents per wearing.

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   Person Information
  •     Agalloco, Jim  -  Agalloco & Associates

  •     Garfinkel, Barry  -  Barry Garfinkel Associates

  •     Leung, Wallace  -  Polytechnic University Hong Kong

  •     Mathers, Jeff  -  Purafil

  •     Shelep, David  -  Paramount Sciences

  •     Sun, Christine  -  Waterloo Filtration Institute

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  • Polytechnic University Hong Kong

  • Purafil

  • Waterloo Filtration Institute

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