Title: Coronavirus mask reuse webinar Apr 2 Agenda

Cleanroom, biotechnology, filtration, and decontamination experts discussed ways to design reusable masks and then clean them. Panelists included Wallace Leung of Polytechnic University Hongkong; Christine Sun, Waterloo Filtration Institute; David Shelep, Paramount Sciences; Jim Agalloco, Agalloco Associates; Barry Garfinkle, Barry Garfinkle Associates; Jeff Mathers, Purafil along with host Bob McIlvaine. There were 5 presentations in the 2-hour session.

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   Person Information
  •     Agalloco, Jim  -  Agalloco & Associates

  •     Garfinkel, Barry  -  Barry Garfinkel Associates

  •     Leung, Wallace  -  Polytechnic University Hong Kong

  •     Mathers, Jeff  -  Purafil

  •     McIlvaine, Bob  -  McIlvaine

  •     Shelep, David  -  Paramount Sciences

  •     Sun, Christine  -  Waterloo Filtration Institute

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  • Agalloco & Associates

  • Barry Garfinkel Associates

  • Barry Garfinkel Associates

  • McIlvaine

  • Paramount Sciences

  • Polytechnic University Hong Kong

  • Purafil

  • Waterloo Filtration Institute

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Mask

  • Nanofiber

  • Meltblown

  • Reuse

  • Ultraviolet Disinfection


  • Coronavirus






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