Title: PC MACT - Low Cost HCl Control Option by Melissa Sewell, Lhoist. Hot Topic Hour March 30, 2011

Dry Injection of Optimized Hydrated Lime for HCl Control Considering the PC MACT's HCl emission limits and existing technology choices to achieve such targets, it could mean many in the cement industry will be faced with three alternatives; 1) adjust raw materials (fuel/feed) to minimize HCl, 2) add wet scrubbers or 3) shut down. Identifying a less disruptive and more economic alternative for compliance would provide flexibility for cement plants. Based on Lhoist's proven HCl capture capability of optimized Ca(OH)2 materials within Europe in industries such as waste-to-energy, cement, glass, and others; work is being undertaken in the U.S. to provide this technology as a viable low capital cost alternative for HCl control in U.S. cement applications.

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