Title: Water treatment and cooling applications for power plants

Plant operators need a durable pump technology that is able to dose a precise volume of water treatment chemical, while maintaining a high level of operational reliability. This is one reason why hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are preferred for a majority of water treatment applications in power plants. The pump’s ability to survive system upset conditions helps keep the overall plant infrastructure operating reliably, all while dosing the exact amount of chemical needed to keep operations running efficiently. Space in any plant is valuable, so operators prefer pumps with small footprints. Disinfection - is accomplished by dosing specific quantities of high-concentration sodium hypochlorite (bleach). When sodium hypochlorite comes in contact with bacteria, it oxidizes molecules in the cells of the germs and kills them. Even though this simple but harsh chemical has been used for more than a hundred years, it is prone to causing problems for pumps by “offgassing.” To solve this issue, the pumps used to deliver it must be able to pass the gas bubbles through without locking or clogging the pump.

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