Title: Andritz leverages IIoT and its broad process knowledge

Managing Aging Plants interviewed Dr. Uwe Seebacher (Global Director Marketing, Communications & Strategy, Pumps and Separation) about the IIoT, monitoring solutions as well as pumps and separators. As a technology group, ANDRITZ knows the entirety of processes and value chains and views pumps as one component hereof. “We offer a wide range of innovative products and services, including services in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sector under the brand name of ‘Metris’. The international technology group is active in power generation (steam boiler plants, biomass power plants, recovery boilers, and gasification plants) and environmental technology (flue gas cleaning plants), and offers equipment for the production of nonwovens, dissolving pulp, and panel board, as well as recycling plants. “It is exactly this diversity of various technologies serving different – but sometimes also the same – industries combined under one roof that significantly distinguishes us from our competitors,” Dr. Seebacher continues. “Due to this setup, there is not only a massive knowledge pool, but also regular transfer among the business units and product groups, resulting in numerous customer benefits.” Long-term plant monitoring to maintain continuous operating reliability and performance by collecting and evaluating pump-specific data has always been an integral part of ANDRITZ’s portfolio. “Even before the issue of the IIoT manifested itself, we already measured the most important performance values of our pumps during operation,” Dr. Seebacher states. Based on this, the company developed a smarter version and today delivers highly sophisticated condition monitoring solutions for pumps.

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  • 12/1/2018


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