Title: Rohm and Haas reduces aeration costs through optimization

Rohm and Haas Company was able to drastically reduce O&M costs for their Aeration System by focusing on Reliability Engineering and Optimization at their WWTP. The costs reductions were a team effort and have resulted in a wide variety of benefits for Rohm and Haas and for the people associated with the WWTP. This initiate also revealed several interesting points relating to the design and operation of WWTPs: • Good data, particularly D.O., air flow and blower amps can help optimize operations and reduce energy costs. Without this data, plants may be wasting energy unnecessarily by adding to much air. • Existing blowers may be operating very inefficiently even if they are throttled or controlled to maintain D.O. setpoints. • If plants are designed for conservatively high present or future peaks loadings, the result will be an inefficient operation with oversized components unless good turndown is incorporated into the design. If designing for peak conditions, the use of different size blowers is strongly recommended.

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