Title: Smart Starts Mitigate HRSG Damage, Preserve Reliability

A smart start is one that is able to fulfill these three goals: 1) Avoid damage and preserve reliability (more specifically, minimize damage from thermal stress and overheating); 2) Permit rapid loading of the gas turbine; and 3) Provide steam at the proper flow rate and temperature to the steam turbine.

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  •     Stanley, Lester Tretter, Rob  -  HRST

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 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Gas-fired 燃气              
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  • HRST

  • Attemperator

  • Economizer

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator

  • Maintenance

  • Startup


  • Thermal Shock




  • Combined Cycle Journal


  • 6/11/2014


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