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53DI OEM Networking Directory   $1900/yr ($100/yr per additional user)  Click here to order 
Content: This comprehensive online directory contains contact information for the system integrators, OEM (original equipment companies), and the suppliers of components and services in the air, water, energy and contamination control industries. The continually updated directory displays information on 12,000 U.S. companies and  7000 off-shore companies. Contact names, titles, phones and email addresses are provided for  24,000 people in the U.S. and 9000 people in other countries. Data can be accessed by company name, person name, location or product type.
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Fabric Filter | Scrubber/Adsorber | FGD | NOx | Air Purification | Precipitation | Ultrapure Water | Pump | Valve | Wastewater Treatment Chemical | Cartridges | Reverse Osmosis | Liquid Filtration | Sedimentation | Cleanroom

N038 North American Industry Analyses and Forecast   $1700/yr  Click here to order

Content: The market in each state and province is provided with segmentation by industry and forecasts for major sectors. For example, the chemical production in California is provided in dollars and as a percentage of US market share for the next five years. Also provided is detailed data in each chemical subsector including number of plants, employees and sales. So you can use a U.S. forecast number from a McIlvaine market report and quickly determine a quota or target in a specific state.
Forecast Sample | Detailed Sample: Chemical | State Analysis Sample

NO72 Market Analysis Webinar       $2,000
A 90 minute online audio/video conference allows sales and management to view key conclusions and forecasts in McIlvaine Market reports and to obtain insights on products and industries. Also included is an instant forecasting program which will display revenues for each country in each industry. Permanent access to the recording is also included.
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N039 World Market for Your Products 
Basic - $5900/yr online  (additional users $150.00/yr)
Custom - $9900/yr online  (additional users $150.00/yr)  

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This service provides forecasts for each of your products in each country of the world for the next 5 years. With quick queries and minimal input, you generate revenues for products in individual countries or regions for a specific year or a range of years in any of 30 industries. Using other products as surrogates you can alternatively generate forecasts for each country through 2009. We keep updating the system throughout the year. Find out how this report reflects the latest developments by clicking here.

Custom Research and Analysis
Single client studies are performed in the following areas:

  • market forecasts licenses/joint ventures
  • product evaluation acquisition analysis
  • investment potential sales & sales promotion

Forecasts for specific products can be generated using models and statistical data already compiled for each state and major country.

Complete corporate programs from McIlvaine integrate business strategy, market forecasts, sales promotion, sales leads, technical information systems and training.

Personnel Directories/Labels
Each salesman can have his personal directory extracted from 30,000 plants and 100,000 people. Mailing labels and disks are also available for selected segments. for example:

  • Location (state or country)
  • Industry (sic code)
  • Product interest
  • Company type (user, consultant)
  • Pollutant (air, water)
  • Projects (new or retrofit)


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