2007  No. 327

Project Information from the Exhibit Floor

Spectrum Systems is busy upgrading CEMs systems. Last year it replaced all the CEMS systems at PacifiCorp plants. Five additional engineers have been hired to bring the total to 17. At considerable expense Spectrum has piloted Mercury CEMs and expects to combine the delivery of mercury CEMs along with upgrades of the existing equipment. A new control system allows operators to monitor four opacity monitors through one system with touch screen queries.

Thermo Electron Corp.'s Gamma-Metrics ECA is a Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analyzer (PGNAA) designed to mount around an existing conveyor belt and analyze the composition of the coal on the belt in real time. The Gamma-Metrics ECA measures and reports ash and sulfur. A moisture measure and report option is also available. If the optional moisture meter is purchased, the ECA calculates and reports heating value and pounds SO2 per million Btu. It is used to control the sorting and blending of coals to maximize coal resources, reduce out-seam dilution and control preparation plant performance.

SNC Lavalin is delivering turnkey coal-fired plants. The Patnow 460-MW lignite-fired plant in Poland is slated for commercial operation in January 2008.

Plattco Corp. Double Flap Airlock Valves are used when materials are corrosive or abrasive, when pressure differentials are high, and when temperatures are extreme.

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