FGD and DeNOx

March 2013
No. 4


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•  PacifiCorp Plans for SCR at Cholla 4

•  WPS to Install ReACT at Weston 3

•  EPA Proposes SCR for 2250-MW Navajo But Gives Salt River Project Until 2023 to Comply

•  Georgia Power Seeks to Retire Branch 3, 4, Yates 1-5, McManus 1,2 and Kraft 1-4 by 2015

•  Federal Appeals Court Declines to Reconsider Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

•  Minnesota Power to Convert Laskin to Natural Gas-firing

•  GT-Series of Catalyst for Gas Turbines = Lower Pressure Drop and Improved Activity

•  Fuel Tech SNCR, ULTRA Orders in China

•  EPA Finalizes Stationary Engine Air Emissions Rules

•  Threading the Needle with 2000 Tons of Steel at EW Brown 3

•  Zeeco GLSF Free-Jet LNB at Refinery for 0.03 lb/MMBtu NOx




•  NIPSCO to Retrofit CDS at Michigan City 12

•  Midwest Generation Asks for More Time to Lower SO2 Emissions

•  Flint Creek—Scrubbers or Retirement

•  FirstEnergy to Barge Scrubber Sludge and Ash to Mine Reclamation Project

•  FGD Gypsum as Soil Amendment Cuts Phosphorus Run Off

•  Possible Sorbents for Dry Injection to remove SO2 and HCl

•  Circulating Dry Scrubber at Cooper 2

•  Gypsum Dewatering Challenges




•  IPL to Install Mercury Control at Petersburg and Harding Street

•  Minnesota Power to Install Mercury Control at Boswell 4

•  UN Treaty to Reduce Mercury Emissions Includes BAT for New Power Plants



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