March, 2013
No. 449

Standards for Portland Cement Industry Finalized

 On February 12, 2013, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Final Rule for National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for the Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry and Standards of Performance for Portland Cement Plants.

In this action the EPA is finalizing amendments to the NESHAP for Portland cement plants and to the NSPS for Portland cement plants. These amendments respond to petitions for reconsideration filed by the Portland cement industry and to a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (DC Circuit). The EPA is retaining the stack emission standards for mercury, hydrogen chloride (HCl), and total hydrocarbons (THC) under the NESHAP, amending the stack emission standard for particulate matter (PM) under the NESHAP, and making a conforming amendment to the NSPS for PM. The amendments also include provisions which account for commingled HAP emissions from coal mills that are an integral part of the kiln, establish a continuous monitoring regime for parametric monitoring of PM, set work practice standards for startup and shutdown, and revise the compliance date for the PM, mercury, HCl, THC and clinker storage pile existing source standards under the NESHAP. The EPA is also retaining the affirmative defense for civil penalties for violations of emission limits occurring as a result of a malfunction.

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