March, 2013
No. 449

Fabric Filter Replaces ESP at Tourah Portland Cement Plant in Egypt

 A delegation consisting of Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Minister of Environment, Dr. Osama Kamal, Governor of Cairo, accompanied by a number of senior officials Shoura Council members and NGOs, visited on February 12, 2013, Tourah Portland Cement Co. (TPCC) plant, a subsidiary of Suez Cement group of Companies (SCGC), reported Nadeen El Ajou on AMEinfo.com.

 The visit was to witness the positive impact of replacing electrostatic filters with baghouse filters in the production line #8. The project, completed in February 2012, was funded partially with a loan from the Egyptian Pollution abatement Project (EPAP II) of EEAA.

 SCGC Managing Director, Mr. Bruno Carré, stated that this project was completed with an investment worth US$24 million. He added that the implementation of this project confirms the aim of SCGC to reduce dust emissions, in order to comply with the new amendments in the environmental law. Meanwhile, the installation of the fabric filters for kiln #9 is already down the road. Mr. Carré pointed out that there is a similar project that will be implemented this year in Helwan Cement Co. (HCC), a subsidiary of SCGC.

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