March, 2013
No. 449

Control System CPFE Filter Manager Launched

 After three years of intensive development work ITK Envifront’s new control and measurement system for filtration plants is ready for the market. The system comes with a lot of advanced accessories that will help the user to learn more about their filtration plant. Easiness of tracing faults on valves, bag failure, excessive compressed air consumption are only a few of the features that can be obtained with integrated accessories. The unique resistance control principle, developed for the former CPFA-control unit introduced already in 1994, has been refined among others with their own developed extreme accurate pressure sensors. The unit can handle four integrated pressure sensors, four analog 4-20 mA inputs ports and two analog 4-20 mA analog outputs as well as eight digital input and eight digital output signals as well as 196 power outputs 2V DC 2A.

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