Market Analysis Webinar with Instant Forecast



Individuals participate in a 90 minute audio/video conference with display access to the relevant data selected from the millions of pages on the McIlvaine website. The base price includes access for up to 20 connections. Priorities are set relative to products/services, geography, and applications. The McIlvaine coordinator will then display analysis, forecasts, project listings and technical data. A flexible format allows the content to be continually adjusted to maximize the value. Participants can, therefore, receive answers to their most important questions. An instant forecast by country for important applications can also be provided.


Permanent access is also provided to a recording of the meeting. Since the display of various contents of McIlvaine reports is the basis of the discussions, we recommend the following demo webinars for better understanding of the value and approach.


World Market for Your Products 

Click here to see a recorded demonstration of the system


Pumps World Market

Click here for a recorded Demonstration of the report



Strategic Planning — Sessions provide the bases for ranking products, regions and industry applications in terms of revenue and growth. Instant forecasting can result in thousands of forecasts for a particular product or service. There is no substitute for quantification.


Marketing — Sessions can not only reveal the most promising markets, but also the major customers’ training plans.  Display of technical and commercial information provides insights on how the company’s products could benefit various purchasers. Permanent access to the recording allows use by all employees.

Investors and Acquirers — This service provides a unique way to analyze an industry or company for investment or purchase.


Applicability for you — This service is for most industrial and some commercial and residential products and services.




The first step is assigning a time and date. Next an outline or agenda is prepared. Participants are notified and the meeting is then conducted and recorded. Individuals designated by the client are given access to the recording. An electronic spreadsheet with forecasts is also provided.