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42EI Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System  $3020.00/yr (Additional Users $250/yr) Click Here to Order
Talk to the decision maker before your competitor does with a system which provides the latest retrofit and new project and contact information supplemented by analyses and forecasts. For more information: click here.   
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42EIC  Chinese Utility Plans   $1000.00/yr    Click Here to Order
(available only as a supplement to 42EI Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System)
Over 2500 existing and planned boiler units are identified at 1200 plant sites. Licensors and suppliers of systems and components are identified.  Since 41% of the worlds coal fired capacity will exist in China in 2011, this database is being offered separate to the basic system which covers the rest of the world.
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43I Utility People $1500/yr (Additional Users $100/yr)    Click Here to Order
Over 3,000 U.S. utility decision makers are listed with titles, interest area and contact data including e-mail addresses. This continually updated system is accessible on the web site with search capability by company or personnel names.
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42EI+43I Utility Upgrade Tracking System + Utility People: $4000.00/yr (Additional users $275/yr)

44I: Power Plant Air Quality Decisions .... $1600/yr (Additional Users $120/yr)  Click Here to order
Here is a better way to make the important and urgent power plant air pollution control decisions. An integrated system provides the four knowledge needs: Alerts, Answers, Analysis, Advancement. You receive weekly Alerts with the latest regulatory and technical information on mercury, SO2, NOx and particulate. Answers to your questions are quickly found in the comprehensive online system. Analysis of the options is provided by telephone conferences. The whole system is geared for training or Advancement. The new FGD Decisions is now part of this service  Also included are 4 monthly newsletters and 4 sets of monthly abstracts. For more information: Click here.
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47AI Biofuels Updates and Projects.....$1200.00/yr. (Additional Users $120.00/yr.)
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This report provides detailed information on ethanol and biodiesel projects in the United States.  A monthly update brings you all the latest information on this dynamic market worldwide.  Biofuels People provides the contacts.
Monthly Update  |  Summary  Excerpt  |  Project Summary  |  Biofuels People

Market Research

Multi-client and single client studies for each of 80 countries and regions and for each U.S. state. Check the latest forecast on the web site or ask for more detail. Market Summaries
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41F Utility E-Alert   $850.00/year ($85/yr each additional user)   
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Weekly report of new power projects and retrofit project opportunities worldwide for boilers, turbines, air pollution control, ultrapure water and heat recovery. Delivered by email with  access to back issues.

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40A World Power Generation Projects $850/yr  ($80/yr each additional user)    Click Here to Order
1000's of power plant projects in the planning or construction phase are tracked on a continuous basis. The proposed fuel type, size, start up date, and project description are included. Awards to contractors are reported progressively from the  A/E to the system suppliers and then component suppliers. 20% price discount available to subscribers to 42EI Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System.
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Table of Contents | Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4 | Sample 5
Sample 6 | Sample 7 | Sample 8 | Sample 9 | Sample 10

31I Renewable Energy Update and Projects $1600/yr ($160/yr for each additional user)
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This service provides detailed information on renewable energy projects around the world. Continually updated wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, wave and tidal projects are included. This database is continually updated.  A monthly update brings you all the latest information on this dynamic market worldwide.
Monthly Update Sample  |  Project Database Sample

N049  Oil, Gas, Shale and Refining Markets and Projects  $3,000.00/yr.  (additional users $150/yr.)   Click to Order
This service has four segments Refining, Oil and Gas, Tarsands and Oil Shale , and LNG. The service provides monthly tracking of the projects and industry developments. There are profiles on the companies and sites as well as market data  Samples   Refinery update , Oil and gas update, LNG update, tar sands, oil shale update.
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Refinery Project Summary | Refinery Processes | New Projects LNG |
Oil and Gas Update May


N043 Fossil and Nuclear Power Generation:  World Analysis and Forecast  
(additional Users $150/yr)    Click here to order
This report formerly covered just coal-fired boilers but now includes nuclear, gas and oil power generation forecasts. Capacity projections for each country of the world are continually revised and displayed. Comprehensive analyses reveal the environmental demand, political and other factors providing the basis of the forecast. Monthly Updates have specific geographic, technological, regulatory, and economic insights. Recorded webinars are also included.
Monthly Updates  | Regional Forecast Sample  |  Country Forecast Sample

N042 Renewable Energy World Markets $3,600.00/yr (additional Users $150/yr)  Click here to order
What do you need to know about renewable energy?  This service provides market forecasts, projects, company profiles and networking directory all in one report.  Only a constantly updated report, as this one is, can enable you to stay current on this rapidly growing market.  A monthly update brings recent news items and informs you of changes to the report.  For more information: click here

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