Chinese Utility Plans


Chinese Utility Plans is a supplement to 42EI Utility Tracking System and includes detailed information on existing and planned utility coal-fired boilers in China.


The total capacity of Chinese coal -fired power plants in operation or under construction as displayed in the new McIlvaine Chinese Utility Plans database is 699,700 MW. The database displays data on 1255 plants (or multiple units) comprising more than 2,500 individual boilers.


Because of the short 24-36 month development schedule, most of the planned units will be operating in the next three years. Presently 470,000 MW is in operation. The McIlvaine database shows more plants likely to be in operation in 2010 than the official Chinese estimate of 622,000 MW of coal capacity.


By 2011 China will have more coal-fired capacity than  the U.S. and Europe combined and more than the next six countries combined.

Coal generation capacity: World, 2011 ( MW)


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South Korea



Total World



Many of the older Chinese units are 150 MW in size or smaller. Most of the units under design are 600 MW. Many of the planned units are of the supercritical design. The database does not include industrial coal-fired boilers. There are many thousands of these small boilers. Many are being retired as the power is being supplied by the new utility units.


The database also tracks environmental projects both at existing and new plants. Over 300 additional scrubbers are planned for the 2006-10. Shortly China will have more scrubbed capacity than the United States and already has more than all of Europe. The database includes names of system suppliers, licensors, and component suppliers.


All the new plants will have efficient electrostatic precipitators or fabric filters for particulate control. Some older plants with inefficient precipitators are being replaced with fabric filters. These projects are also identified.


Chinese Utility Plans identifies a number of  NOx  removal projects incorporating selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It also identifies component suppliers. Presently the catalyst suppliers are offshore companies.


Suppliers of power plant components such as boilers, pulverizers, air heaters, and fans are also identified. Many of the suppliers of these components are offshore companies. Confusion over the English spelling of Chinese plant names has made it difficult for these suppliers to properly analyze Chinese activity. Since this database has been carefully compiled to eliminate errors and since it is continually updated, it will eliminate this confusion.


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