CHINA 2006 2012


China has the largest filter media market for baghouse filtration . This market will grow rapidly through 2012.

We further expect significant growth in HVAC in filtration due to new buildings of industrial and commercial complexes as well as central systems in 30 stories high apartment buildings. Companies like JOHNS MANVILLE and HOLLINGSWORTH & VOSE are participants against an increasing number of domestic suppliers.

HEPA and ULPA filtration will increase due to the fact that China is expected to be #1 in new semi-conductor plant build up within the next 3 to 5 years. Domestic manufacturer have to face new plant capacity from H&V and others coming on stream in 2007.

There is also growth in liquid filtration with regard to industrial and waste water plants but also tap water and over the counter filter for the growing middle class in coming years.

Automotive Filtration is fast growing notably for air intake filters with needled felts and composites. Cellulose media for engine oil and fuel filters will also grow. Cabin air filters are expected to represent strong growth potential in years to come (FREUDENBERG, JAPAN VILENE). (Specialty report available for worldwide consumption of cabin air filters )