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GE Water & Process Technologies

GE Water & Process Technologies is a multi-billion dollar global leader in providing advanced technologies and services to solve the world’s challenges related to water availability and quality. GE Water & Process Technologies is headquartered in Trevose, PA, and has approximately 8,000 employees, worldwide. 

Primary products offered include Water Treatment Chemicals, Process Chemicals, Chemical Feed Equipment, Filtration Membranes and Cartridges, Water Treatment Systems, and Services.

Primary industries served include Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Agrichemicals, Food & Beverage, Hydrocarbon Processing, Mining & Minerals, Power, Primary Metals, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Semi-Conductor, and Water & Wastewater. 

Specific applications for water treatment chemicals and membranes include filtration and purification of boiler water, cooling water, industrial process water, municipal and industrial wastewater, and potable water for residential and commercial use.

GE Water & Process Technologies has a history of innovation dating back to 1999. The following excerpt from the GE Website summarizes milestones in the GE Water & Process Technologies history.  

“History of Innovation

1999   Glegg Water Conditioning, now a leader in providing innovative pure water solutions for industrial and engineering companies worldwide, is acquired by GE and becomes GE Water.

2002   BetzDearborn is acquired by GE and becomes GE Betz.

2003  Osmonics, Inc., headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, and one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of water treatment machines, components and equipment for the industrial, commercial and institutional markets, is acquired by GE and becomes GE Osmonics.

2004  Ionics, Inc. acquires Ecolochem, a leading provider of emergency, short and long-term mobile water treatment services. Water & Process Technologies, a division of GE Infrastructure, is formed through the integration of GE Betz, GE Osmonics and GE Water.

2005   GE purchases Ionics to expand capabilities in desalination, water recycle/reuse and mobile water/emergency water services.

2006 GE purchases ZENON Environmental. ZENON brings industry-leading ultra-filtration membrane technologies and MBR solutions that provide water/wastewater treatment and water reuse solutions for municipal, industrial, and land development applications.

2007 GE launches TrueSense, a Monitoring Solutions platform to complement its line of water treatment chemicals.

2008 GE launches the Osmo Titan reverse osmosis system for compact treatment of variable water quality.

2008  GE launches GenGard, a patented polymer that is part of its advanced cooling solutions platform.

2009 GE launches ZeeWeed 1500, a versatile and pressurized membrane suited for use in numerous applications.

2009  In June, The GE/NUS Singapore Technology Center opens its doors in the campus of the National University of Singapore.

2009 GE launches the Muni.Z depth filter for municipal water pre-filtration.

2009  GE launches the PROPAK system, which combines ultrafiltration with reverse osmosis for reliability, 35% reduction in footprint, installation simplicity and monitoring capability.

2009  In June, GE opens the Water & Process Technology Center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The plant will manufacture a variety of water and process chemical products.

2009  In November, GE hosts the inaugural event Water Reuse ...From Used to Useful Leadership Summit, which convened academics, industry and municipal officials to discuss the role of water reuse as a way to secure a sustainable water supply for the future.”