Cross flow membrane systems are making seawater drinkable, boiler feedwater pure, and wafer rinse water free of any contaminants which would damage chips. There are many opportunities for suppliers of systems, components and membranes. This report identifies and quantifies these opportunities in every application for every country of the world. Extensive profiles and market share information is provided for many companies. A networking directory with contact information for people at more than 500 companies is also included.


This report contains forecasts for 80 countries. In each country there is a forecast for each of 14 industries for the next 6 years. There is further segmentation by membrane type ( RO, UF, MF) and separate forecasts for membranes and systems. These 40,000 forecasts are also aggregated in various ways and supported by an additional set of basic forecasts such as population, GDP, wafer starts, megawatts, pharmaceutical revenues, and millions of gallons/day of drinking water. In total more than 65,000 forecasts are not only displayed but are updated on a continuous basis. This comprehensive approach has advantages for all purchasers. For suppliers it provides the segmentation needed for sales quotas. This generates the feed back opportunity from the people most knowledgeable about each niche. For investors and others only interested in the general forecasts there is the confidence of authenticity.  Contents Overview


With the plunging sales in semiconductors and discovery of financial misdeeds and political instability in South American countries a forecast can be obsolete in the time it takes for one terrorist attack. This report is continually updated with a unique program which makes instantaneous adjustments. The present market is determined by aggregating, comparing, and iterating four separate determinations.  Iteration of purchases, sales, applications, and nations

Future markets are determined with an approach which makes use of the trends in the purchasing industries as well as other drivers.  Market Research from an Art To A Science


For the investor with a focus on the present or a manager of an RO company with a continuous need there are options tailored to his needs. The report is available on line for one year for $ 3600 for the first user who receives a password. Additional personnel are provided with access at $ 150/yr each. Printed copies of the essential sections of the report are available at $ 300 each and can be purchased at any time by the on line subscriber.  However entire chapters can be easily printed from the online report. Option A designed for the purchaser focused only on an immediate decision includes the printed copy plus on line access for one month  available at $ 3600.  Order form

Since the report is continually updated and provides forecasts down to individual sales territory level, there is maximum benefit in integration of this report with a sales quota(target) system. Mcilvaine can provide the data and programs or a protected website  to accomplish this. Integration of sales forecasts and quotas