Valves for Gas Turbine/Combined Cycle Plants Is the “Hot Topic” For May 29th

A free webinar on May 29th will bring together valve suppliers, valve specifiers and purchasers to discuss how a dedicated website and webinars can help owners make their valve decisions.

Over the last month, McIlvaine gas turbine webinars have been directed at turbine owners to assist them in decision making.  As a result of the demonstrated success, a number of future webinars will be scheduled.   One subject which warrants multiple webinars is valves.

On May 29th at 10 a.m. we will conduct an organizational discussion regarding valves for GTCC plants.  The subject will be methods to best provide the owner/operators with information they need using the webinars and dedicated websites.

We had originally scheduled a webinar on steam valve stellite de-lamination for this date but realized that we have gotten ahead of ourselves and need to prioritize the valve subject matter in a series of webinars.   De-lamination is only one of many subjects.   Another is Total Valve Solutions.  We are writing a feature article for the upcoming issue of Valve World magazine on this subject.  Two subjects in that article would be good for group discussion.  One deals with an intelligence based rather than routine valve maintenance system.  Another details a bypass system to prevent valve coking in the secondary fuel system. 

We will be asking participants to suggest specific valve topics which they feel are important to GTCC owner/operators. We will organize the discussion along specific processes.   Here is the agenda of this 60 minute meeting.

            Gas Turbine/Combined Cycle Valve Agenda May 29th, 2014

·         Discuss the purpose and plan for Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions.  This will include a review of the present website and the valve information already posted.

·         Currently scheduled webinars and how valve decisions can be included.

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June 12, 2014

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Lots of challenges to cycle 200 times per year

·         Coordination with Combined Cycle Journal and demo of the valve information on their website.

·         Future webinars:

·         Webinars where valves are the main subject:

o   Steam valves

§  Steam valve stellite de-lamination

o   Smart valves for GTCC

o   Intelligent valve maintenance programs

·         Webinars on processes where valves are important:

o   Boiler feedwater treatment

o   Zero liquid discharge systems

·         Valves in emission control systems including ammonia injection, tempering air and CEMS.

We already have a dedicated website.  Gas Turbine Emission Control - Continuous Analyses

·         Special designs for extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.

·         Air treatment:  valves are needed for pulse jet filters fogging, etc. 

We already have a dedicated website.  Gas Turbine Air Filtration – Continuous Analyses


·            The webinars as part of decisions programs:

Owner /operators:

A number of free websites and webinar series will be available to each industry category e.g. power, refining, oil and gas, chemical, etc.  They cover process equipment, consumables, flow control and materials.


There are programs for suppliers to maximize the value of this new sales route.

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