Application product finder


The following entry system for applications is the ideal way for a prospect to find the information about your product.  It will be displayed in the Global Knowledge Orchard . A version just applying to your products will appear on your website. Because all the standard terms are in English and Chinese it will be equally useful for those using the two languages.  We will be adding the Chinese words in the outer circle and the Chinese alphabet in the inner.  We are also identifying  products in a process with a number on a diagram.  So the English or Chinese speaker can click on the diagram number for the data. There is also access by searching for any word in the application title. So if you type in cattle you see cattle farming and cattle holding pens with both the alphabetical and numerical identifiers.



In the above product locator there is the option to find the information by diagram number.  This allows precise identification of the application. The user can enter the number shown in red and find the information specific to that application. This numerical method lends itself to display in multiple languages