North American Public Water Plants and People

Sample plant information (Canada)



           Plant Name: Burlington Water Purification Plant

                         Owner: The Regional Municipality of Halton -  Public

                         Operator:   -  

                         Location: 3249 Lakeshore Road East\n\nBurlington On

                         Municipal Contact:  

                         Municipal Website:

                         Process Streams: Sanitary sewer 

                         Discharged Process Streams Percent:  

                         Outflow Haulage Percent:  

                         Unit Measure:  

                         Flow Out Measured Using:  

                         Flow Units: Cubic Metres Per Day

                         Present Capacity: 171000

                         Present Capacity Cubic Meters: 171000

                         Treatment Type: Coagulation/Flocculation, Sedimentation, Granular filtration (gravity or pressure),pH control,Fluoridation,zebra mussel control, taste and odor control and upflow clarifier.


                         Disinfection Type Plant: Chlorine,Ozone

                         Annual Flow:  

                         Annual Max Flow:  

                         Comments: The main issue with water quantity supplied in Burlington in 2001 was the size of the water intakes at the plant. They were upgraded in 2002 and can now supply full capacity to the treatment plant.\n\n\n\nThe BWPP is currently undergoing substantial exp


                         Plant Personnel: