Power-Gen and the Most Profitable Markets

Power-Gen International (November 18-21 in New Orleans) will include lots of flow and treat activity. There are a number of pump, valve, instrumentation and pollution control stands and relevant speeches. A new feature is the personal meeting program which helps set up meetings between individuals.

The McIlvaine Company assists suppliers with  the Most Profitable Market Program www.mcilvainecompany.com.  This includes quantifying applications where the supplier has the lowest true cost and can therefore generate the most profit. As a result McIlvaine is working with conference organizers, associations, media, end users and others on True Cost Investigations. 

This effort is continuous. The true cost data gathered for the Dry Scrubber Users Group,  INDA, the association of non-woven producers, or Mission Energy (representing Indian power plants) is then made available and expanded at exhibitions such as Power-Gen.  Much of the data is linked to articles in magazines such as Power Engineering. International Filtration News is taking a proactive approach with True Cost Investigations as feature articles in each issue. This can be expanded with true cost webinars for direct validation of cost claims.

McIlvaine was a scheduled speaker at the Power-Gen workshop on the 18th relative to helping companies pursue the international market. The workshop was canceled due to low registration.  On the other hand there are Power-Gen  events all over the world where access will be available to international suppliers through True Cost Investigations.

The Most Profitable Market is not only one where the supplier has competitive true costs but where he can validate them.  Exhibitions such as Power-Gen and magazines such as Power Engineering are vehicles for reaching the purchasers and communicating the true costs. The investigations become some of the evidence needed for the effort. The available Investigations for Power-Gen include:

Updates:  Contact information and arrangements are being continuously revised.  So keep checking this document.

Overview:  This provides the schedule of speeches, details on relevant exhibitors, and contacts for relevant personnel.

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Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supplies True Cost Investigation

Gas Turbine Inlet Filter True Cost Investigation

Turbine Bypass Valve True Cost Investigation

Dry Scrubbing True Cost Investigation

CCR True Cost Investigation

FGD  Recycle Pumps

Improving Limestone Scrubber Efficiency


This Power-Gen initiative is part of a collaborative program.



The program is a collaborative effort involving associations, media,  suppliers, consultants and the power plant operators.








True Cost Investigation






Most Profitable Market Forecast






Lowest True Cost Claims






Indirect Validation






Direct Validation







Suppliers use the true cost validation and most profitable market forecast to initiate a sales program which will validate their claims of lowest true cost and result in high margin sales. From the customer perspective the payment of the higher product prices is more than offset by life cycle cost reductions and more efficient operations.

Bob McIlvaine can answer questions prior to and during the show. You can reach him by cell phone at 847 226 2391 or email rmcilvaine@mcilvainecompany.com