Most Profitable  Markets and True Cost Initiative for Powergen

Update #  1  3:00 pm. November 14

This update page will provide a continuing initiative to link individuals pursuing the true cost investigations at Powergen. It can cover the complete range of  power plant flow and treat products and services as well as the investigations where there is already detailed analysis displayed

Emails will be sent to those on the list with specifics on arrangements.  Currently we are planning to meet at the Burns & McDonnell stand 4125 at 2:00 pm Tuesday to discuss  the latest on CCR and ELG with Patricia Scroggin.  We have been talking to Grant Grothen about the world market and he may want to join us to discuss flyash recovery and reuse around the world and specifically in India where it is a big initiative. In any case those interested in the U.S. CCR and ELG may want to join us.

We are planning a 10:AM  meeting with  DHA at stand 1331 on Wednesday to discuss Gas Turbine Inlet filters with anyone who cares to attend.

We are looking for a stand for a half hour discussion of ESP power supplies.  Any volunteers?


A continually updated excel spreadsheet will be available to help you make contact and learn about additional true cost investigations

Name Affiliaton email Phone Interest Location
Farris, Chad Adams Valve eccentric valve for turbine inlet 2230
Martin, Tim Adams Valve eccentric valve for turbine inlet 2230
Murphy, Joy A-T Controls 513-247-5465 valves for superheated steam 3319
Giannetti, Paul A-T Controls 513-247-5465 valves for superheated steam 3319
Pitzel, Jeremy A-T Controls 513-247-5465 valves for superheated steam 3319
Espinoza, Mike A-T Controls 513-247-5465 valves for superheated steam 3319
Ruehlmann, Ron A-T Controls 513-247-5465 valves for superheated steam 3319
Puski, Suzette Babcock Power Coal generation markets speaker
Nowling, Una Black & Veatch Flyash Reclamation speaker
Shafer, Laura Black & Veatch Flyash Reclamation speaker
Ricks, Mark Bray 281-894-5454 metal seated ball valves for steam 3725
Scroggin, Patricia (Wicker) Burns & McDonnell CCR and ELG 4125
Grothen, Grant Burns & McDonnell Coal generation markets 4125
Korth, Jeff CECO  513-295-5493 dampers for FGD and CCGT 1609
Buecker, Bradley Chemtreat> scrubber enhancement Roving
Clarke Valves shutter valve for fugitive emissions 2956
Coax contaminated water 4624
Wilkie, Austin Conval 860-749-0761 HRSG isolation, vent, drain valves 2918
Vipperman, Joe DHA 571-259 5840 GT inlet filters 1331
Hanna, Jeff DHA 904-614-7226 GT Inlet Filters 1331
Vines, Josh Duechting 479-668-4929 pumps, fgd recycle  2020
Wilson, Daniel Duechting 479-668-4929 pumps,fgd recycle 2020
Dahlberg, Neil Hamon 617-510-1274 air polluiton control, cooling 1725
Reynolds, Buzz Hamon 908-578-0693 APC aftermarket, industrial 1725
Horizon Valve Services low true cost for inline repair 3625
Douglas, Jerry IAM GT inlet filers 1331
Evangelista, Marla JASC-Controls 602-300-3703 liquid fuel flow reliabilty 1004
Krasnopoler, Mitchell Kiewit HRSG, SCR
Leanza, Paul KraftPowercon 850-341-3972 power supplies and controls Roving
Ruhrpumpen strategic manufacturing 831
Fedorka, William SEFA Reclaiming Coal Ash speaker
Blankenship, Scott Southern Environmental 850-503-1010 APC and aftermarket 3504
Schuler, Mark Southern Environmental 269-269-8832 APC and aftermarket 3504
Kalidoss, Thanga, Jawahar Tata Consultancy speaker
Tiger Valve low true cost pipeline valves 242
Titan Flow Control low true cost check and Butterfly  1319
Allen, Ray United Valve 888-715-5093 lowest true repair cost 3146
Victaulic saturated steam piping and valves 2530
Wolf Point Engineers 2013
Wood 3719
WSP 3619
Affelt, Scott XMPLR Energy data analytics speaker


Additional News will also be posted through this  link LINK

Contact Bob Mcilvaine anytime through 2: 00 PM on Wednesday at cell 847-226 2391 and email