Mcilvaine Insights


No. 135   March 10, 2020


Weekly selected highlights in flow control, treatment and combustion from the many McIlvaine publications.

Technology Based Forecasting

There are seismic shifts in the flow and treat markets with the coronavirus pandemic, falling stock prices, and the Saudi-Russia battle over oil supply and pricing. Understanding the technology involved is essential to properly adjust forecasts. For example, knowledge that a disc filter cloth in a mining application has only a 90-day life is a reliable indicator of a steady market forward. The knowledge of the short ramp up time and low cost of producing oil by hydraulic fracturing is fundamental to assessing the oil and gas flow and treat markets.

This knowledge is essential to predicting the markets for filters for coronavirus. New findings that show contrary to CDC guidance the virus is transmitted through HVAC systems has major implications for the market. The efficacy of HEPA filters or laminates with gas phase media to remove these devices is another factor.

Coronavirus and the Impact on Air Filtration and Cleanroom Markets

These new developments are taken into account in the latest air filtration forecasts

This report also includes gas turbine intake filters and includes this March 2020 update.  This analysis shows the value of high efficiency filters with a much higher price and therefore higher revenue stream.

Face masks and the availability of melt blowns are being assessed in a special report which takes into account that yesterday Sinopec started up a 4 ton per day melt blown non-woven fabric assembly line to produce 12 million N95 disposable face masks per day. This plant was built in less than two weeks instead of the normal six months.

Indian utilities are questioning whether SCR can be used for NOx control. Some pilot tests cite problems due to unique Indian coals and operating conditions. However, experience around the world shows that all these conditions are not unique and there are economic solutions. This controversy is being followed weekly in the Utility E Alert. . The markets are forecasted in

The McIlvaine Market Reports include on the average 50,000 forecasts by product, industry and country. Optional additions include further segmentation by product, industry, or even province or State.  In the last two weeks, options have been prepared to segment food forecasts into beer, wine, spirits, dairy, corn/grain fruits/vegetables, meat/poultry/ seafood, palm oil, soy oil, other oils, cane sugar, and beet sugar

This segmentation is available for centrifuges, filter presses, cross flow membranes, cartridges, valves, and pumps.  These reports are listed under “water” at

This very specific segmentation allows quotas to be set for individual salesmen. It becomes the foundation of the entire business strategy.

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