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No. 126   November 15, 2019


Weekly selected highlights in flow control, treatment and combustion from the many McIlvaine publications.

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Most Profitable Markets and True Cost Initiative for Power-Gen

Update # 2, 3:00 pm, November 15

This update page will provide a continuing initiative to link individuals pursuing the true cost investigations at Power-Gen. The scope is the complete range of power plant flow and treat products and services.

Emails will be sent to those on the list with specifics on arrangements. Currently we are planning to meet at the Burns & McDonnell stand 4125 at 2:00 pm Tuesday to discuss the latest on CCR and ELG with Patricia Scroggin. We have been talking to Grant Grothen about the world market and he may want to join us to discuss flyash recovery and reuse around the world and specifically in India where it is a big initiative. In any case, those interested in the U.S. CCR and ELG may want to join us.

We are planning a 10:00 am meeting with DHA at stand 1331 on Wednesday to discuss Gas Turbine Inlet filters with anyone who cares to attend.

We are looking for a stand for a half hour discussion on ESP power supplies.  Any volunteers?


Additional News


There are a number of valve exhibitors at Power-Gen. We have hundreds of pages in the link on turbine bypass valve true cost.  However, only SPX and Emerson are both suppliers and exhibitors of this valve type.  Other valve suppliers are pursuing lowest true cost for many other power plant applications. The chart at the end of this update lists the valve company exhibitors and a specific application where they are pursuing lowest true cost. The Overview has their stand numbers and general data.


Here is additional news added since November 14

Adams low true cost valves for HRSGs

Adams, stand 2230, touts low true cost for its patented triple eccentric valves in Turbine Inlet and Cold Reheat lines. Its Extraction Line Check Valves protect high pressure, intermediate pressure and low-pressure steam turbines.

water pumps.

Apollo Valve achieves low true cost due to manufacturing capability

The company will display a wide range of valves at stand 3413. It has invested more than $100 million in new plants, foundries and technologies. It has also introduced the latest lean practices and pull manufacturing techniques. In addition to providing greater value for customers, these investments and innovations have expanded the capability as a dependable contract manufacturing partner for OEMs.


A-T Controls has low true cost for a range of butterfly and ball valves for steam service

Valves, which provide low true cost for superheated steam applications, will be displayed at stand 3319. This includes butterfly valves from 2-24” as well as a variety of ball valves.


Bray metal seated ball valves for power plant steam service


In addition to butterfly valves, Bray will be exhibiting metal seated ball valves at stand 3725. These were covered in a McIlvaine webinar on steam valves displayed at


Champion Valves low true cost wafer check valves

Champion Valves’ (stand 4225) wafer check valves provide low true cost in all liquid and gas services. ASME Pressure classes range from 125 to 2500 in all sizes and trims. The operating temperature range is up to 1200°F.  Axial Flow check valves are recommended for pulsating flows. Applications include


·        Air, Water and Steam

·        Equipment Lubrication Systems


Clarke Valves Shutter Valves low fugitive emissions are a true cost benefit

Durability and performance are both strong points in making the Shutter Valve a low true cost option.  In 2019 the Shutter Valve surpassed existing benchmarks by limiting fugitive methane emissions to 2 ppm over more than 100,000 cycles. Check it out at stand 2956.


Coax has low true cost solution for contaminated power plant water


The company stand is 4624. The water quality may be marginal but controlling the water is essential. The co-ax® 2" pneumatically-operated valve specified for this application met two

prerequisite criteria. First, the valve must routinely tolerate the contamination that’s routinely found in the untreated watereverything from unfiltered fish scales and plant matter to pebbles and mud. Second, the valve must provide an accurately-timed water jet slaved to a process control system and pre-determined discrete cleaning patterns.


The on/off accuracy of the application is exacting so as not to impinge on hot surfaces and impair ongoing boiler operations. What’s more, the applied valve must operate maintenance- free for extended periods of time in a nearly inaccessible environment.

The powerful co-ax® control tube design is an ideal solution. The integrated coaxial power tube (a) delivers positive shut-off in fractions of a second, (b) is unaffected by contaminated water, and (c) the adjustable opening and closing speed eliminates water hammer.


Conval addresses lowest true cost for HRSG isolation, vents, drains, and feedwater valves

Conval will be at stand 2918 to talk about valves with the lowest true cost for power plant applications. When Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) combined-cycle power plants were first designed and built several decades ago, many of the originally-installed actuator/valve packages included lower-quality, foreign made globe, gate and ball valves. Time and experience have now shown that these inferior valves only last 4-5 years or less. By comparison, where Conval’s valves were specified and installed, typical valve life has been more like 16-20 years. Based on this real-life experience, more HRSG maintenance supervisors and planners are choosing to replace original lower-quality, foreign made valves with new Conval Camseal ball valves, Swivldisc gate valves and Clampseal globe valves.

Sometimes these plants already stock Conval valves. If they do not, factory deliveries are good. If the original valves are actuated, Conval can match the footprint of the actuator for easy replacement. Based on users’ experience, Conval valves are being used in such key HRSG combined cycle cations as isolation, vents, drains, and feedwater. By their very nature, these plants frequently cycle up and down, on and off, which is very difficult on any mechanical equipment. Most OEM valves simply cannot perform in these highly demanding circumstances. Plant managers and their staffs are discovering, according to Conval, that their designs are the smartest, most economical valve choice from a total life cycle standpoint. We will look forward to learning more of the details and some examples.


Horizon Valve Services offers low true cost inline repair

The company (stand 3625) offers low true cost inline repairs. The company challenges the belief that only the “Factory” can supply you with those “in-line” repairs. Horizon has developed its own “in-line” repair equipment; it can even service “Orbit® Valves, which have exotic repair equipment requirements. It has the in-line tools to pull and push the seats on the Orbit® valves without dropping the body out of line. This saves time and money!


Tiger Valve low true cost pipeline valves

The company (stand 242) specializes in the production of API 6A Gate Valves and Wellhead Equipment along with API 6D Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves, Floating Ball Valves, Threaded Floating Ball Valves, Shut-Off Pig Valves, Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, Rack & Pinion Actuation and replacement parts for all TVC products. 


Titan Flow Control low true cost check and butterfly valves


Titan FCI (stand 1319) manufactures a wide variety of industrial and commercial piping products including check valves, pipeline strainers, butterfly valves, pump protection products, and additional pipeline accessories. Titan’s capabilities even extend to complex fabricated products, custom design units, and specialty screens.


Why United Valve claims lowest true cost for valve repair


United Valve will tell visitors why it can deliver low true cost in valve repair at stand 3146

The following seven criteria are essential to choosing an industrial valve repair company that will reduce downtime and resume operations quickly. United Valve says that they have all these capabilities.


1. Vertically Integrated

To expedite repair and modification, an industrial valve company should eliminate outsourcing to third parties. Unnecessary vendors introduce higher expenses and lead-time. By keeping all aspects of industrial valve repair in-house, the company can dispatch and coordinate activities much quicker. This should include an engineering department for custom-designed modifications. A vertically integrated business model cuts out impediments to fast valve repair.

2. Replacement Parts

The most important criterion for modern valve inventory is establishing solid relationships with manufacturers. Because many manufacturers have moved overseas, shipping times on specialty parts can create unnecessary downtime. However, companies that receive authorization from the manufacturer are qualified to modify valves with OEM approval. That means the rigorous demands of the manufacturer have been met. With firm OEM relationships in place, local companies can maintain an inventory of parts common to the needs of their clients. This significantly reduces downtime and provides ready-to-go replacement materials that solve common problems. Likewise, OEM alliances provide a feedback mechanism for manufacturers to continue supplying needed components.

3. Expedited Shop-to-Field Reproduction

When specialty parts are not on hand, the contingency falls on the shop to reproduce the needed parts and deliver them to in-field service technicians as quickly as possible. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines automate the creation of parts designed on AutoCAD and other CAD-CAM software. Modern in-shop testing should also ensure the highest confidence in valve quality. This includes fugitive emissions testing (FET), valve fire testingcryogenic testing and forensic analysis.

4. Well-trained Technicians

Another factor that can slow down industrial valve modification and repair is the experience of the technician performing the work. Experienced valve service technicians perform work right the first time without avoidable delays. They can repair valves of all types and sizes, including:

·        Gate Valves

·        Globe Valves

·        Check Valves

·        Ball Valves

Likewise, qualified technicians should have basic and advanced safety training to avoid damage or injury.

5. Proper In-Field Equipment

Sometimes, valves need to be torched out of a tank. Other times, electrical testing equipment needs to detect fine tolerances within the valve. From major fieldwork to fine-tuning, it is necessary to keep the right equipment to keep downtime to a minimum. As any Industrial Engineer will tell you, travel is the most time-consuming aspect of 80 percent of jobs. That is why having the right equipment handy the first time eliminates significant downtime.

6. Computer Tracking

Every valve tells a story. By tracking the movement and performance of every single valve that leaves the facility, a company can detect patterns, create reports, fine-tune performance and predict future needs. With the introduction of modern computer technology, top performing industrial valve repair companies must keep pace. Computer tracking and reporting can reduce costs by matching better parts to the customer’s needs. Also, downtime is further reduced because exact parts and materials can be anticipated based on previous records.

7. Knowledge of Valve Standards

Standards eliminate opinion and guesswork. Many organizations have worked hard to help establish commonly accepted expectations and standards in the valve and fittings industry. These include:

·        American Petroleum Institute – API

·        American Standards Association – ANSI

·        American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME

·        British Standards Institution – BSI

·        Fluid Controls Institute – FCI

·        International Organization for Standardization – IS

·         Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society of America) – ISA

·        Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry – MSS

Total valve replacement should be the last resort. By selecting a company with the right expertise with in-the-field valve repair, expenses and downtime can be kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

Victaulic has low true cost saturated steam piping and valve system


Victaulic (stand 2530) expanded its System Solution for Saturated Steam to include the Series 871 Gate Valve and the Series 159 Flexible Loop. Victaulic’s System Solution for Saturated Steam is the industry’s first comprehensive grooved mechanical piping system for use on commercial and industrial condensate, saturated steam and chemical service piping, and eliminates the need to weld steam and chemical service piping.


The Series 871 Gate Valve is a flexible wedge, metal-seated valve that can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal runs. It installs in minutes and does not require certified welders to install, offering facility ownership rapid installation and easy maintenance that meets all required technical specifications. Using the Victaulic proprietary OGS-200 groove profile, the valve also minimizes the risk of improper assembly and eases installation.


The Series 159 Flexible Loop for Steam is made from 300 series stainless steel and accommodates movement caused by thermal changes, seismic activity and differential building settlement in all three planes. Compared to traditional welding of steam pipe, the flexible loop provides a smaller footprint and requires significantly lower force to deflect.


The new additions to the System Solution for Saturated Steam line will provide engineers, contractors and managers in the field with access to the benefits of grooved mechanical pipe joining including reduced labor costs, compressed schedules, increased safety and ease of maintenance.



Ruhrpumpen achieves lowest true cost with strategically located manufacturing plants

Ruhrpumpen will be displaying its range of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps at stand 831. One of the aspects of offering lowest true cost pumps is the location of pump manufacturing facilities. Two years ago, Ruhrpumpen made a substantial investment in India. The new plant, which replaces the company’s existing facility in Chennai, provides manufacturing and test lab capabilities and a technically advanced center for the assembly of the entire Ruhrpumpen product range.

Located in the SIPCOT Vallam Vadagal Industrial Park, 36 km southwest of Chennai, the new facility provides highly engineered pumping equipment for the local market and for neighboring countries. Nearly 80% of products manufactured from the Chennai plant are exported to clients in the Middle East, West Asia and South East Asia, with the remainder sold in the domestic market.

Ruhrpumpen made its first investment in India in 2009. Production started in Chennai in 2010.

Founded in 1950 in Witten, Germany, Ruhrpumpen was acquired by Corporación EG in 1997.


Here is the continually updated chart with contacts, stand numbers and true cost subject








Farris, Chad

Adams Valve

eccentric valve for turbine inlet


Martin, Tim

Adams Valve

eccentric valve for turbine inlet


Murphy, Joy

A-T Controls


valves for superheated steam


Puski, Suzette

Babcock Power

Coal generation markets


Nowling, Una

Black & Veatch

Flyash Reclamation


Shafer, Laura

Black & Veatch

Flyash Reclamation


Ricks, Mark



metal seated ball valves for steam


Scroggin, Patricia (Wicker)

Burns & McDonnell



Grothen, Grant

Burns & McDonnell

Coal generation markets


Korth, Jeff



dampers for FGD and CCGT


Buecker, Bradley


scrubber enhancement


Clarke Valves

shutter valve for fugitive emissions



contaminated water


Wilkie, Austin



HRSG isolation, vent, drain valves


Vipperman, Joe


571-259 5840

GT inlet filters


Hanna, Jeff



GT Inlet Filters


Vines, Josh



pumps, fgd recycle


Wilson, Daniel



pumps,fgd recycle


Dahlberg, Neil



air polluiton control, cooling


Reynolds, Buzz



APC aftermarket, industrial


Horizon Valve Services

low true cost for inline repair


Douglas, Jerry


GT inlet filers


Evangelista, Marla



liquid fuel flow reliabilty


Krasnopoler, Mitchell



Leanza, Paul



power supplies and controls



strategic manufacturing


Fedorka, William


Reclaiming Coal Ash


Blankenship, Scott

Southern Environmental


APC and aftermarket


Schuler, Mark

Southern Environmental


APC and aftermarket


Kalidoss, Thanga, Jawahar

Tata Consultancy


Tiger Valve

low true cost pipeline valves


Titan Flow Control


low true cost check and Butterfly


Allen, Ray

United Valve


lowest true repair cost



saturated steam piping and valves


Wolf Point Engineers






Affelt, Scott

XMPLR Energy

data analytics




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