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No. 114   August 6, 2019


Weekly selected highlights in flow control, treatment and combustion from the many McIlvaine publications.

·       Membrane Bioreactors are Gaining Market Share in Utility and Industrial Applications

·       DSUA, SOx-NOx India and Coal Fired Plant Decisions

·       IIoT & Remote O&M - Latest Headlines

·       Cleanroom Projects Service has Monthly Project Updates


Membrane Bioreactors are Gaining Market Share in Utility and Industrial Applications

Sales of membrane bioreactor systems are outpacing other filtration technologies due to the improvement in system designs as well as components such as membranes and fine screens.  McIlvaine company offers a continually updated MBR Markets and Strategies which includes the forecasts by markets and routes to pursue the opportunities.

The report provides forecasts in each country through 2024 for

        Fine screens to protect membranes

        Rotating membranes

        Hollow fiber vs flat membranes

        Polymeric vs ceramic

        Chemical treatment systems

        Blowers and aeration systems

        Controls, transmitters, and software programs

        Immersed vs side stream

        Pumps, valves, piping, couplings, seals


There is segmentation by each industry in each country.



Various Organic Chemicals, Activated Carbon


Wastewater And Process Applications Including Bioethanol


Includes Steel And Metal Working Industries


Includes Work Camps In Coal, Copper, Iron And Other Mined Ores


Includes Hydrofracturing Flowback, And Produced Water

 Other Industries

Includes Textiles, Land Fill Leachate, Aquaculture, Shipping


Including  Rapidly Growing Biopharma


Coal Gasification Wastewater

 Pulp & Paper

Effluent Reuse 


Government And Private Utilities Includes Reuse


Government, Military, Lodging , Office, Educational


For WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago there will be a tour guide on MBR speeches and exhibits. This includes a contact directory. The benefits to the attendee are advance knowledge of subjects he wants to discuss and then contacts to arrange meetings at the stands or conference area.  For details on the Municipal wastewater MBR Silobuster program at WEFTEC Click Here

N121 MBR Markets and Strategies:   $3,900.00/yr online ($150.00 Each Additional User)   
Click here to order

Continually updated analyses and forecasts of membrane bioreactor systems  and membranes in 80 countries and regions with separate forecasts for each application from food to municipal wastewater.  Updates, Directory, Market Shares, Recorded Webinars. Application Analyses and silobuster programs are included.

 For Details on the report Click Here. 


DSUA, SOx-NOx India and Coal Fired Plant Decisions

Coal fired power plants around the world have lots of common challenges but each has its unique challenges as well. Utilities, consultants and suppliers have been relying on 44I Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions for 45 years to assist them in making the best choices. In addition to the organized online systems McIlvaine is helping connect the appropriate individuals at conferences. Because of a huge expansion in the market for dry scrubbing and for upgrading precipitators a special effort will be made at four upcoming conferences.

A coal fired power plant pollution control silobuster program is being pursued to insure that Asian and African utilities can gain from the experience of the European, Japanese, and U.S. suppliers and operators. In the September-November period there will be a focus on dry FGD and precipitator upgrades. The urgency is due to a program in India which is likely to result in 60,000 MW of precipitator upgrades and 60,000 MW of dry FGD systems along with 100,000 MW of wet FGD.


McIlvaine has been publishing 44I Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions for more than four decades. There are monthly newsletters in four areas including Fabric Filters, FGD & DeNOx, Monitoring and Electrostatic Precipitators. An intelligence system, directories, webinars and other components reflect the latest knowledge from around the world.

This service is free of charge to power plant operators and through subscription to others. A special effort will be made in the next three months to provide a forum to analyze the cost of various approaches to improving precipitator operation and utilizing dry scrubbers for coal fired power plant exhaust gas. The material in the service will provide a foundation for face to face discussions at the four conferences. It will be permanently available to operators at no cost and available to other conference registrants for a one month period coinciding with the conference at no cost.




PowerGen U.S..

PowerGen Europe


Sept 10 -12

Sept 12 - 13

Nov 19 - 21

Nov 12 -14


DSI, CFB, Semi Dry

FGD, Precips

Nov. 18


Tour Guides



Dry Scrub, Precip

Dry Scrub, Precip

Access to 44I


Free 12 months

Free 12 months

Free 12 months

Free 12 months

Other Attendees

Free 1 month

Free 1 month

Free 1 month

Free 1 month

Pre Conference Webinar





Post Conference Webinar





This free access to all attendees at each of these conferences will facilitate the discussions and stand tour guides. The DSUA and SOx-NOx conferences are relatively small so no tour guides will be needed. Discussions will be informal. Pre-conference webinars will frame the issues. The newsletters are providing the basis for discussion. The current newsletters have information on each of the exhibitors at SOx-NOx. Post conference webinars will provide the takeaways.

On Monday November 18th there will be a preconference workshop relative to advising suppliers on how to move into the international markets. Of the four speakers/instructors one is from McIlvaine and one from Tata Consultancy. Another speaker is from XMPLR addressing data analytics which when combined with remote monitoring can leverage the world’s expertise in any remote region of the world where it can be valuable.

McIlvaine will be using precipitator upgrades and dry scrubbers as two examples as to how suppliers can move into markets such as India. Attendees can then utilize the tour guides in the following three days to pursue collaborative ventures in the international market.

For more information on

Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions click on 44I Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions

DSUA click on


PowerGen 2019 New Orleans

PowerGen Europe

For more information on this initiative contact Bob McIlvaine at 847 784 0013 or cell 847 226 2391


IIoT & Remote O&M - Latest Headlines

Here are the headlines in the latest IIoT and Remote O&M monthly newsletter.  It is available separately as 9ABC Air Pollution Monitoring and Sampling Knowledge Systems, It is also available as part of a comprehensive market report. N031 Industrial IOT and Remote O&M. It is one of four newsletters included in 44I Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions 



·        CCR Costs Are At Least $50 Billion Over 100 Years for U.S. Power Plants

·        U.S. Coal Plant Environmental Upgrades To Cost More Than $50 Billion

·        Maximizing CFT Profits In the Coal-fired Power Generation Industry

·        Market Reports

·        SiloBuster Webinar Program for Combust, Flow, and Treat (CFT)  Suppliers




·        Ultrafine Dust Has A Big Impact On the Environment 

·        EPA Finalizes Affordable Clean Energy Rule

·        Doosan Contracted For “Coal-based Power Plants of the Future” Project

·        GE India Supplies Air Pollution Control for Multiple Countries 

·        Unique Multi Pollution Control Approach to Meet BREF

·        Honeywell Provides Controls For An Entire Coal-fired Power Plant

·        STEAG PiT Navigator for Combustion Optimization

·        Increasing Role for Edge Technology

·        Wireless Technology Makes Pump Monitoring Cost Effective

·        Metris Smart Filtercloth Tracks Use and Replacement

·        Largest-ever Valmet DNA Integrated System for Lalitpur 3 x 66- MW Power Plant Units in India

·        Rockwell Schlumberger Joint Venture Targets Digital Oilfield Market

·        Global Mercury Conference Slated For Krakow In September

·        Tekran Specializes In Mercury Measurement



Cleanroom Projects Service has Monthly Project Updates

80A World Cleanroom Projects  provides monthly updates segmented by industry. There is also a search by project date and location. Here are pharmaceutical updates for last month.



    CRMC Board Oks Budget for Drug Room

    Rubius Therapeutics’ Pharma Manufacturing Facility, Rhode Island

    AveXis Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility, North Carolina, US

    Amicus Therapeutics’ Global Research and Gene Therapy Centre, Philadelphia

    bluebird bio Opens Gene and Cell Therapy Mfg. Facility

    Riverside Research Presents The Mini-Open Innovation Center at STEM Symposium

    Pall Agrees To Develop New Jersey Cell and Gene Therapy Sites

    STC Biologics’ GMP Manufacturing Facility, Massachusetts

    Takeda Opens New Drug Research Facility in California

    Alector Chooses Lonza Platform for Manufacturing Scale-Up

    Neopac Opening Its First US Facility

    Precigen Opens Cell and Gene Therapy Facility in Maryland

    Catalent’s Biologics Manufacturing Facility Expansion

    Catalent Invests $40 Million at Kentucky Manufacturing Facility

    GSK To Expand Long-Term Vaccine Manufacturing Capabilities In Hamilton, MT

    Kite Plans for New Facility to Expand Cell Therapy Production

    Pfizer Opens New Biologics Clinical Manufacturing Facility

    Sharp Facility Investment

    Merck Expands Virginia Site to Support HPV Vaccines

    Mispro Expands Vivarium Capacity

    Bayer Chooses Fluor and GE Healthcare for New Cell Culture Technology Centre

    Teva Seals Deal for NJ HQ

    Velesco Doubles cGMP Analytical Lab Space with Facility Purchase

    UCSD Jacobs Medical Center


    Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Renfrewshire

    Flamma Completes Successful CFDA Inspection

    Stem Cell Medicine Receives Israeli Funding for Gene Therapy Facility

    Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services Expands

    Asymchem Announces Successful FDA Inspection of HPAPI Development, Manufacturing

    PCI Announces Expansion of High Potent Tableting and Powder Modification Capacity

    ACG Expands in Latin American with Brazilian Capsule Plant

    Expansion of Cambrex’s Milan Site

    Merck’s Biotech Manufacturing Facility Expansion, Aubonne, Switzerland

    The Centre for Cancer Immunology, University of Southampton

    BioVectra’s Biologics Manufacturing Facility Expansion, Canada

    Dalton Pharma Services Completes PAI Inspection

    Novartis Signs Manufacturing Memorandum in Saudi Arabia

    Lilly Sells Manufacturing Facility in China

    CPI Builds Open Innovation Facility for Continuous Wet Granulation

    Catalent Invests at its Eberbach, Germany Softgel Facility

    Freeline Installs Pall System at Gene Therapy Facility

    Vibalogics Expansion for Viral Products

    SEA Vision Group Begins Construction of New Italian Headquarters

    GSK Increases API Manufacturing in Scotland

    Chi-Med to Take Advantage of Chinese Growth


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