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No. 1   November 12, 2019


·       Partnership with Mission Energy

·       Compromise Climate Change Solution for India

·       Indian Gasification and Waste to Energy Conferences only Three Weeks Away

·       Valves for Coal Gasification

·       Creating Rare Earth Feedstocks from Coal Fired Boilers and Coal Gasifiers

·       SOx-NOx India Exhibitors and Speakers

·       SOX -NOx Attendees

·       Indian Power Producers have access to Free System to determine True Cost

·       FGD Market offers Billions of Dollars of Profits


Partnership with Mission Energy

The McIlvaine Company values its partnership with Mission Energy. It started with a joint webinar which included the Dry Scrubber Users Group representatives just prior to the
SOx-NOx conference. This webinar can be viewed at

Compromise Climate Change Solution for India

The Drax power plant in the UK is one of the largest in Europe and in the world (4000 MW) it has switched from coal to biomass and has launched a pilot sequestration program.  This effort is instrumental in opening up a compromise solution to deal with climate change in India.

Sucking CO2 Out of the Air Means There is No Tipping Point

Biomass Ready Coal Fired Plants and Massive Tree Planting will be the Compromise Climate Change Solution

This solution proposal may be unique to the McIlvaine Company but it is simply an extension of the logic of those groups advocating CO2 sequestration and those groups focused on planting a trillion trees. Building coal fired plants which can be fired by biomass after 30 years solves several problems including how to prevent dying trees from emitting CO2 back into the atmosphere. The big advantage for India is low cost power from coal or other solid fuel sources while reducing CO2.

Indian Gasification and Waste to Energy Conferences only Three Weeks Away

The 10th Gasification India & 5th Waste-To-Energy 2019;  are scheduled on the 28-29 November 2019 at  Vivanta - Dwarka, New Delhi.

Live updates are  available at

The speakers and exhibitors are a mix of international and Indian based companies.  Here is data on a few of them

Fluor is a leader in gasification technology. It  has executed more than 20 gasification projects globally and performed more than 150 gasification feasibility studies. The presentation by Fluor at the conference last year is shown at

The reasons cited in the presentation for interest in gasification in India are

Growing national and global energy demands. Heavy reliance upon petroleum and natural gas import. Use of domestic resources will provide immunity to price fluctuations due to volatile prices and geopolitical instability in global energy market. Abundant coal reserves in India. Less costly vs Petroleum and NG derived feedstocks. Low feedstock cost. High value added products. mitigates higher CAPEX. Higher value added. Improved margin certainty. Tightening marine fuel sulphur specifications will result in more cokers. Increased global and Indian supply of petcoke.

Air Products has signed a long-term agreement with an Indian petroleum company to build, own and operate a new syngas production facility at a refinery in Kochi, India. This is the second supply contract in Kochi between Air Products and Bharat Petroleum, a state-controlled oil and gas company. Air Products already operates an industrial gas complex at Bharat's Kochi refinery.

Air Products acquired  the Coal Gasification Technology licensing business from Shell Global Solutions International B.V., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, and formed a strategic alliance with Shell for residue gasification technology to refinery complexes. The acquisition includes Shell's associated patent portfolios for solids (coal and biomass) gasification and sharing of patent rights for residue and biomass gasification.

These moves extended Air Products' offerings in syngas to provide turn-key sale-of-gas gasification facilities for solids (coal and biomass) and liquids (refinery residues). In its sale-of-gas business model, Air Products finances, builds, owns, operates and maintains the gas production plant, enabling customers to focus attention and capital on their primary business.

Last year Air Products acquired General Electric Company's ("GE") gasification business. This transaction allowed Air Products to expand its synthesis gas (syngas) solutions product offerings and its presence in build, own and operate gasification projects around the world.

Murat Dogru, Director of gasification at Beltran will speak about gasifying waste and use of wet precipitators.

Wuhan Engineering and Talcher Fertilizer personnel are slated to speak at the conference. Talcher Fertilizers Limited (TFL) has awarded a lump sum term key contract to Wuhuan Engineering Company Limited, China. The deal is for implementing the coal gasification and ammonia/urea packages of TFL. This contract has been awarded to augment the domestic urea capacity and revive closed fertilizer units of Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited (FCIL).

TFL is a joint venture company of nominated public sector undertakings namely Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizer, Coal India, FCIL and GAIL. "With an estimated investment of ? 13,277 crores, the project shall produce 1.27 million tonnes per annum of Neem coated Urea through the gasification of a mixed feedstock comprising of high ash Indian coal and pet coke.

TFL has been allotted a northern part of North Arkhapal mine as captive for meeting its coal requirements. The pet coke will be sourced from Paradip refinery of IOCL. The likely commissioning of this project is around the third quarter of 2023.

Valves for Coal Gasification


In our Alerts we have reported on the Chinese initiative to rely less on LNG and more on a $30 billion pipeline being built by Sinopec to move gasified coal to cities around the country as a fuel for turbines and furnaces. With the uncertain future in the areas of  the world currently producing LNG this is a prudent decision. India is in a similar situation with little local availability of natural gas but abundant coal.


One of the challenges of successfully operating a gasification plant is to purchase reliable valves to handle the severe conditions. One of the gasification India sponsors is a valve manufacturer. Antiwear is a leading valve manufacturer which  can produce ball valve, butterfly valve, double wedge gate valve, blow back valve, sliding plate valve, check valve, regulating valve, rotating disc valve and other special functional valves. Antiwear-supplied valves are widely used in the coal chemical industry.  Antiwear has been qualified by Shell-SCGPOMBPall and other gasifier process technologies.

Moreover Antiwear has many experiences supplying valves for GE-Texaco, Shell-SCGP, E-GASU-GASHY-GASR-GASHT-LTriggerSiemens GSPCHOREN and other gasifier technologies. Antiwear is appreciated by more and more clients due to perfect performance of the valves including lock hopper unit valve, oxygen service valve, BBV, metal and soft-seated ball valve, triple-offset valve and other functional valve.


After more than a year of  of operation, Shenhua Ningxia coal converts more than 4 million tons of coal-to-liquid products by indirect liquefaction. Antiwear provided over 300 sets of valves including ball and other types. The  double disk valve has performed without jamming, leaking or deterioration. The project successfully broke the foreign monopoly on the coal chemical industry core technology due to performance of the valves compared to those from international companies.


Members of the newly-formed  Indian Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Association. have experience with coal gasification and other coal fired power applications.  


Advance Valves: Noida Uttar Pradesh: Advance has a wide range of valves to meet the requirements of the Power sector. It offers a  double-eccentric design for  butterfly valves for CW, FW & DM Water applications, and the high-performance Triple eccentric Butterfly valves for Steam-based and high-pressure applications. Dual plate check valves are a superior NRV option as compared to the swing-check valve.


The Triple Eccentric valve has an intrinsic fire-safe design which makes it suitable for numerous applications, including steam-based applications where temperatures are in excess of 750 deg C. In fact, this valve can replace the more bulky Gate Valve as well, in certain applications. Advance  have recently supplied  a 1800 mm  Metal - Seated Triple Eccentric Butterfly to Bhushan Power Plant in Orissa.Clients in this sector include NTPC, BHEL, NPCIL, Bhushan Power, Alstom Power, Jindal Power, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Power, MSEB, BSES and many others, including those who have developed their own captive power plants.

Auma, Bangalore Karnataka AUMA recently supplied nearly 2300 actuators for six large coal-fired power plants being built by NTPC, AUMA India provided 500 actuators for each of the three plants at Lara, in Chhattisgarh; Barh in Bihar and Gadarwara in Madhya Pradesh.Another 484 actuators were delivered to Malwa, also in Madhya Pradesh, 306 to two smaller projects at Meja in Uttar Pradesh and Solapur in Maharashtra.

The six projects range in size from 2 x 660 MW to 5 x 800 MW and all except the Lara plant are supercritical. The actuators are deployed for intelligent valve control across all processes within the plants, including feedwater treatment, steam generation, combustion air control, turbine control, flue gas management, and cooling water supply. 

GM Metoda Gujarat The company was founded in 1986 and is a diversified valve manufacturer serving the nuclear power, oil, gas, fertilizer and certain other industries. Clients include BHEL, Andra Pradesh  State Electricity, and Gujarat State Electricity.


Kitz, Maharshata Trunnion mounted ball valves are supplied to the power industry by distributors including Concorde Valves in Mumbai.


L&T Valves Chennai Tamal Nadu: L&T Power offers turnkey solutions for both Coal and Gas-based power plants in addition to valves. Earlier this month The Power business of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has successfully placed into operation two thermal power units of 660 MW each at NTPC's Khargone Super Thermal Power Project in Madhya Pradesh and Tanda Thermal Power Station in Uttar Pradesh. This has enabled NTPC to add 1320 MW capacity to the national grid and has also demonstrated L&T's capabilities in executing complex power projects in the country. The 660 MW Khargone unit is the country's first ultra-supercritical unit set up on complete engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) basis. Ultra-supercritical units feature steam parameters of 600 degree Celsius and 270 kg/cm2 pressure resulting in higher efficiencies, enabling plants to consume less coal resulting in lesser emissions in comparison to sub-critical and supercritical power plants. The 660 MW Tanda unit is equipped with supercritical boiler manufactured by L&T-MHPS Boilers Pvt Ltd, a joint venture company of L&T and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS), Japan. The Khargone and Tanda projects are each of 2x660 MW capacity.


Microfinish   Hubli Karnataka: Established in 1971, Microfinish group is a  manufacturer of ball valves, bellows sealed globe valves, process pumps, gate globe and check valves, pneumatic actuator and automated units.

Microfinish products can be found in many power plants installations. Valves are used in fuel lines, HP and LP steam, condensate, hot gas, flue gas, fly ash as well as utilities such as cooling water and compressed air. The Microfinish knifegate valves are included in the following article


Oswal Kalol, Gujarat: The company can produce 36,000 valves per year at its 110,000 m2 facility. It has a steel foundry making alloy castings. It specializes in globe, gate, and check valves.


Rotork, Chennai Tamil Nadu: The extensive, state-of-the-art Jigani plant, situated in Bangalore was built in 2010.  The Rotork plant provided additional manufacturing capacity for the burgeoning Indian valve actuation markets, complementing the existing Rotork factory at Chennai, which  also received substantial investment for expansion.

The Jigani plant is designed to manufacture product ranges from Rotork Controls, Rotork Fluid Systems and Rotork Gears, including two assembly lines for the local manufacture of the  IQPro intelligent electric actuator range.

The latest generation of Rotork Skilmatic SI3 electro-hydraulic actuators have been supplied to one of India's leading state owned oil companies to operate 42" and 48" triple offset butterfly valves on vital safety-related tank farm duties.


SchuF, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: The SchuF Group designs and manufactures industrial valves which control, isolate, divert, or sample gases, liquids, slurries or powders. The range of industrial valves are ideal for difficult or severe service conditions found in the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, oil, gas, refining and offshore industries.

SchuF has developed five leading valve designs for coal gasification. From the very earliest coal gasification plants in South Africa (Sasol) to the latest installations in the USA (GE, and Valero) to Shell and Siemens in Europe, you will find SchuF valves.



Trillium, Hubli, Karnataka Trillium Flow Technologies ("Trillium") was  formerly Weir Flow Control ("WFC"), until earlier this year. It consists of the same 15 established global pump and valve brands servicing the power generation, oil and gas, water and wastewater, mining, and industrial sectors. These include: Sarasin-RSBDT, Blakeborough®, Atwood & Morrill®, Hopkinsons®, SEBIMT, BDKT, Batley Valve®, AutoTorkT, and Tricentric® for valves, and GabbionetaT, WSPT, WEMCO®, Roto-Jet®, Floway®, and Begemann® for pumps.

Some years ago Weir  purchased BDK based in the southern state of Karnataka.  BDK specializes in valve manufacturing for energy sectors. At the time the Weir Group already owned two other Indian facilities in the mining and power station sectors

In 2017 BKK secured a £1.4m contract to supply  Indian EPC contractor M/S Tata Projects Ltd with innovative butterfly valves. The valves are to be installed in the Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah thermal power station, a coal-based plant with 1600 MW capacity located near Andhra Pradesh. Weir BDKT is working closely with M/S Tata Projects to ensure optimal service-life on their new valves and in turn, improve efficiencies across their power station.

This order comprises a range of specialized Butterfly valves with sizes up to 2900mm, featuring hydraulic cylinders, which are custom designed to deliver resilience in high temperature applications and dependable service-life.

Velan, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: Velan operates a modern 100,000 ft2 valve manufacturing plant in India.  It incorporates the latest technologies such as robotic fusion welding. There is an integrated cleanroom where final processing of valves required to be ultra clean are assembled. Details are explained in a YouTube video


Velan Valves are used at Barth 1-3 Supercritical Units of National Thermal Power Corp.

Technoprom Export purchased $20 million worth of valves from Velan Inc. for the three 660-MW units. The Velan German sales distribution subsidiary, Velan GmbH, booked the order which included high-pressure gate, globe, and check valves and steam traps manufactured by Velan, as well as safety valves with silencers, control valves, butterfly valves, and actuators manufactured by six other companies in Europe. Here are other details from the McIlvaine World Power Generation Projects: Location: India, Bihar'  Startup Date: 2013, Size: 1980 MW,Primary Fuel: Coal    


Creating Rare Earth Feedstocks from Coal Fired Boilers and Coal Gasifiers


The coal electricity generation and gasification flow and treat potential extends to an important new opportunity to produce rare earths. Typically, a venturi scrubber is used to capture particulate prior to sulfur removal in a gasification system. If this were operated at ph1 it would capture HCl as well as flyash and become the perfect rare earths feed stock.  For coal fired boilers there already is an accidental example with multiple units operated for 30 years at Philadelphia Electric.  Join the Debate on Insitu Rare Earth Recovery



SOx-NOx India Exhibitors and Speakers

Here is information on some of the exhibitors at the conference


ECOMAK supplies Precipitator Upgrades and the Venturi Option could be combined with FGD For the last two decades BU,  has offered solutions to air pollution to a number of industries and for a variety of applications. The projects undertaken by ECOMAK are in Mines & Minerals, Metals and Power industries globally.


In Power, the company supplies flue gas cleaning systems for industrial boilers and also material handling systems. A client in Karnataka had to retrofit their ESP, which was not performing satisfactorily. The client after seeing ECOMAK's expertise in project execution on Indian and overseas projects awarded the project to ECOMAK. ECOMAK took up yet another challenge of retrofitting the ESP in 30 days from receipt of purchase order to re-commissioning of retro-fitted ESP. The client had demanded a guaranteed emission of 100 mg/Nm(max). ECOMAK demonstrated an emission of less than 50 mg/Nm3 on continued basis.

A customer in Assam was facing a problem of air pollution at their plant. The company is one of the largest producers of Petcoke in India. The plant is situated in a remote location near a forest which was enriched with wildlife and natural resources on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. The customer is very serious when it comes to preservation of natural resources and asked ECOMAK to provide a viable solution for their problem.

Conventionally, a baghouse system or an electrostatic precipitator is provided at the kiln exhaust. The ECOMAK team first surveyed the area and found out that there was an abundance of water available. To take advantage of this situation, ECOMAK supplied a Venturi Scrubber instead of any conventional system. This system on petcoke calcination is a first of a kind system in India

This experience could be helpful in evaluating the potential of rod decks (similar to venturis) to improve FGD scrubber particulate efficiency. A number of utilities are hoping that the scrubber installation will improve particulate capture.  McIlvaine has done extensive analysis of this option as explained elsewhere in Coal-Fired Boiler Decisions.

United Conveyor has Dadri order for DSI  United Conveyor Corp (UCC) is installing the dry injection systems at the 4 x 250 MW Dadri plant of NTPC.  Here are some of the  past FGD newsletter articles about UCC.

DSI Demonstrations Show O2, HCl, Hg and SO3 Removal United Conveyor Corp. (UCC) has completed over 25,000 hours of Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) demonstration tests. Full-scale, on-site DSI demonstrations help UCC utility customers address regulatory requirements for the reduction of SO2, SO3, mercury and acid gases


UCC has the industry's largest number of full-scale demonstration tests with 45 conducted to date; 12 tests have been completed over the last year with five more tests scheduled. Recent demonstration tests have been primarily focused on simultaneously removing SO2, HCl and mercury to provide specific information to the power plant for meeting the new Utility MACT and Cross State Air Pollutant Rule (CSAPR) requirements. These tests have been conducted on a number of large PRB-fired units, as well as smaller bituminous-fired units.

UCC modular demonstration systems provide both flexibility and performance with minimal disruption to a power plant during installation and testing. Prefabricated, mobile equipment enables rapid installation. All equipment is scalable so demonstration equipment can be rented longer term after the test or be upgraded to become the permanent system. The result is lower total installed cost and shorter lead-time.

UCC offers Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling of plant duct flows to best predict and enhance performance of the DSI system. CFD modeling ensures optimum sorbent distribution in the flue gas to maximize performance and minimize sorbent usage.

The UCC VIPERT Mill design incorporates proprietary technology that results in lower operating costs while improving performance. The VIPER milling technology is also tested on-site to show how the reduced sorbent particle size increases the reactive surface area to improve the emission removal efficiency and sorbent utilization. UCC DSI demonstration illustrates clear benefits:

·       Dry sorbent trona/sodium bicarbonate can remove over 90 percent SO2.

·       Co-benefits include enhanced ESP performance and removal of Hg, HCl and NOx.

·       In-line milling (to 12-15 micron) can provide 30 to 50 percent better trona utilization.

·       SO2, acid gas (HCl, HF) and Hg can be removed simultaneously.

·       Hydrated lime can remove SO3 and HCl

·       DSI delivers effective emission control at a fraction of the capital cost of a scrubber.


United Conveyor Corp. (UCC) was recently awarded contracts for 11 Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems which include a total of 41 VIPERT Mills. Dry sorbent injection is a leading technology for the removal of SO2, HCl and SO3 acid gas emissions.


The patented VIPER Mill is the only mill developed specifically for dry sorbent injection and delivers the smallest particle size, highest throughput and greatest cost savings in the industry. The VIPER Mill reduces sorbent usage by 30-50 percent compared with as-delivered material. In an SO2 removal application, that equates to a $3.0 million annual savings over un-milled trona for a typical 500-MW PRB-fired unit at a 60 percent SO2 removal rate. In SO3 removal applications, the high surface area sorbent particle size helps to achieve aggressive SO3 ppm targets, while reducing trona usage by more than 50 percent.


UCC also has the industry's largest number of full-scale demonstration tests with over 65 conducted to date; 26 of these tests used the VIPER Mill and successfully documented substantially lower sorbent usage. This test data allows customer lifecycle cost analysis to compare sorbent consumption and VIPER Mill usage with other milling technologies or without using a mill.

Envea  pursuing FGD CEMs Market in India Envea designs and produces a complete range of state of the art CEMS gas and dust analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition systems and software for the continuous measurement & reporting of stack pollutants. The company performs conceptual studies to full engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of turnkey systems for continuous emissions monitoring service.


Environnement SA India Pvt. Ltd. (a 100% Subsidiary) inaugurated on January 5, 2017 a larger facility necessary to meet company growth and expanding capabilities. Group President Mr. Francois Gourdon presided over the function of Inauguration. With nearly 200 employees today, Environnement SA India's strength lies in the realization of complex projects, the optimization of the economic resources, the ability to experience and adopt best techniques in compliance with safety and environmental policies.


The expansion helps Environnement SA India Pvt. Ltd meet existing customers requirements for increased production of turnkey air quality and emissions monitoring systems as well and will also enable the company to further support new customers. 

At a recent conference, Jerome Laplagne presented an overview of the available gas CEMS technologies applicable to FGD and DeNOx efficiency control. Both extractive and in situ type gas CEM technologies were covered, including dilution based and TDL. It  included some case studies for various abatement technologies, with some guidelines for proper gas CEMS selection. 

Johnsen Chemicals AS was established in 2008 and has since been working on the development of a catalyst for solid fuel. The product has been tested on several markets with good results. The results show that the catalyst contributes to a reduction of harmful emissions while also making the combustion process more effective with a lower consumption of fuel.


Sootaway is a combustion catalyst for solid fuel. The active ingredient is a manganese complex. The catalyst works on all types of solid fuels. 


·       Increases rate of heat release

·       Lower ignition temperature

·       Reduces emission of CO, SO2 and NOx

·       Reduces unburned particles like soot

·       Ables total combustion at lower temperatures

·       Reduces sediments 

·       Reduces consumption of fuel by 15-20% consequently reducing emission of CO2

·       Reduces costs of energy production and maintenance of equipment.


Steam Equipments is a leading manufacturer of Steam and Water Analysis Systems, Gas Sampling Systems, Chillers, Sample Coolers, Pressure Reducers, Shelters, Rectifier Cooling Systems, Turnkey Automation projects and relevant accessories originally designed and selected throughout 20 years of working experience in various instrumentation industries and latest know-how in this field. The company is a Teledyne Instruments representative. CEMS were supplied for an 800 MW coal -fired boiler at TATA Power Mundra.


EPP provides FRP Scrubber Vessels. The extensive range of products manufactured by EPP includes - GRP/GRE Pipes, Fittings & Liners, FRP Cooling Towers/Scrubbers/Blowers/Hoods/Ducts & Chimneys, FRP Storage Tanks, various FRP Pultruded Products.


Uniphos provides Particulate and Gas CEMS including

  • Highly sensitive & gas specific Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence based NOx and SO2 Gas Analyzers
  •  Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) based Analyzers
  •  Electrochemical sensor-based analyzers

An Online Dust Analyzer uses the innovative Dynamic Detection Principle (DDP), which measures fluctuations in the intensity of a light beam, using a folded beam Transceiver /Reflector arrangement. Increased particulate density in the stack causes the scattered light intensity to increase. When calibrated against reference standards, the intensity of this signal relates directly to the particulate concentration in the stack, and this can be used to display as a reading in mg/m³.


 LeBracs Rubber Lining Private Ltd. commenced manufacturing activities in 1989 at  Pondicherry, India. Over the years, the company has executed projects with customers in the Fertilizer /Chlor-Alkali / Water Treatment and Iron Ore benefaction industries in India and overseas. LeBracs Rubber has, over the years, been certified under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007. LeBracs Rubber has different formulas for various types of rubber lining, for its various applications.


CSL - Chemtron Science Laboratories provides Cannisters and Gas Handling Equipment CSL is involved in gas blending, handling and measuring solutions to a wide base of clients in Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power, Cement & Steel, Chemicals & Fertilizers, R&D Institutes & Fruit Processing Industries. It supplies gas cannisters and gas handling equipment.


Attendees at SOx-NOx

Here is information on some of the SOx-NOx attendees

Adage Automation - we covered their stand display of automaton and CEMs previously.


Ashland is an international supplier of resins for FGD and covered in 66 articles in the Alert and many more in the FGD newsletter.


Bharat Lime Association was formed solely to promote, particularly in India, the advancement of the knowledge of limestone, dolomite stone, lime and calcined dolomite-related products among its existing and prospective members and also bring into contact those engaged in these pursuits, with a view to developing a synergy among them particularly the industry, the professionals, the academia and R & D Institutions.


To receive, edit, publish and distribute papers, periodicals or journals, books and hold Conferences, Meetings, Symposia, Colloquia, Workshops on relevant themes and subjects and to set up Libraries as and where convenient and also to exchange journal and other publications with similar materials published elsewhere and to establish interrelationship in mutual interest with similar bodies in different parts of the world. The association is linked to the National Lime Association in the U.S. and to the international and British associations as well.


Bharati Cement is a division of Vicat in India. It  functions in three verticals - Cement, Aggregates and Polymers with a team of over 850 professionals and operations spread across seven states in India.


Bokaro Power Supply Company Pvt. Ltd. (BPSCL) established in 2001 is a Joint Venture Company of Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) and is engaged in power and steam generation and supplies power and steam (at various pressures) to SAIL's Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) located at Bokaro for meeting the process requirement of BSL.


The BPSCL Power Plant is located on the premises of the Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and has an aggregate installed capacity to generate 302 MW of power besides 660 Ton per Hour (TPH) of steam.


The Plant has 9 boilers (5 boilers each of 220 TPH, 3 boilers each of 260 TPH capacity and 1 boiler of 300 TPH) and 7 turbine generators (one 12 MW back Pressure Turbine Generator (TG), 2 TGs each of 55 MW capacity, 3 TGs each of 60 MW capacity and one 36 MW back Pressure Turbine Generator).


Carmeuse lime and limestone activities have been covered in many of the 2000 previous Utility E-Alert issues.  Also, their activities as Dravo Lime, including natural oxidation and chemical fixing using high magnesium lime, have been reported.


Chemical Process Equipment supplies FRP tanks, piping and other FRP products used in power and FGD.


Chemtron Process Equipments provides wastewater and water treatment systems.


Chemtron Science Laboratories supplies calibration gases.


Chattisgarth State Power is a major operator of coal-fired power plants. There are 133 articles about them in previous Utility E-Alerts, including an order placed with BHEL for an FGD system appearing in the September 13, 2019 Alert.


Christian Pfeiffer  makes FGD ball mills. They gave a presentation at 2018 SOx-NOx


Coal Preparation Society of India's main objective is to promote washing of domestic coal with high ash content to improve its heat value, improve its combustion with reduced emissions and make it environmentally acceptable and sustainable fuel for economic development and long-term energy security.


Council on Energy, Environment, and Water is an India-based but globally engaged research think-tank, which analyses and advises on critical questions concerning energy, environment and water. It publishes analyses such as


CPCB has its head office in New Delhi, with seven zonal offices and five laboratories. The board conducts environmental assessments and research. It is responsible for maintaining national standards under a variety of environmental laws, It has responsibilities to conduct monitoring of water and air quality and maintains monitoring data. The agency also works with industries and all levels of government in a wide variety of voluntary pollution prevention programs and energy conservation efforts. It advises the central government to prevent and control water and air pollution.


Desein Indure with its headquarters in New Delhi, India, is a leading engineering consultancy organization with over 38,000 MW of experience in setting up coal/lignite-fired power plants as well as gas based simple and combined cycle power plants with unit sizes ranging up to 800 MW, which is the largest size single unit of supercritical technology currently under implementation in India. In 1987, DESEIN set up a separate division to provide environmental engineering solutions to mitigate pollution arising out of new projects. Since then, a group of specialists in this field has undertaken field studies to determine the impact and suggest remedial measures for setting up of more than 80 large power projects with a cumulative capacity of around 62,000 MW of power in India.


Ecomak provides dry and semi dry FGD systems plus venturi scrubbers and fabric filters.


Engineers India Limited (EIL) is an engineering consultancy, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company in the power, hydrocarbons and petrochemicals industry. The company's segments are Consultancy & Engineering Projects, and Turnkey Projects. Its services include technologies, pre-Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and FEED, project management, procurement services, construction services and specialized services.


Environnement supplies CEMS and instrumentation with many articles about them in the Alert and Monitoring newsletter (now IIoT and Remote O&M).


EPP Composites supplies FRP vessels and piping and has a new partnership with Plasticon.


GE-BH supplies valves for coal-fired power plants.


Hindalco is the world's largest aluminum rolling company and is also a leading producer of copper. Along with its global subsidiary Novelis Inc., Hindalco has a presence in 12 countries. The company operates across the value chain from bauxite mining to alumina refining, aluminum smelting and rolling and extrusions. It operates coal-fired power plants including 6 x 150 MW at one location.


Hindustan Zinc has 474 MW of coal-fired boiler capacity.


Hitachi Zosen supplies air pollution control equipment, including dry scrubbers and NOx control.


Horiba is an international supplier of CEMs and air and water instrumentation. There are a number of articles about this company in the Alert and Monitoring newsletters.


Imagico  is a Mumbai-based company that manufactures high quality colorants and pigment dispersions for paints, printing inks, paper, textiles and various other products.


Indian Farmers Fertilizers - Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) is one of India's biggest cooperative societies which is wholly-owned by Indian Cooperatives. It operates coal-fired boilers.


Indus Energy Consultants was incorporated in December 2017, by a team  from the power and steel industry with over 20+ years of individual experience. It operates in the field of Electrical Transmission & Distribution, Power Generation and Structural Steel Fabrication.


INEOS has just acquired Ashland Composites. It  is one of the world's largest chemical companies and the 50th largest business in the world, employing around 20,000 people across 171 sites in 24 countries. It is a privately-owned company with sales in 2018 of $60 billion and EBITDA of $7 billion.


ISGEC is a multi-product, multi-location public company, which  has been providing engineering solutions to customers across 91 countries for the past 85 years. There are multiple partners for air pollution control equipment.


Envirotherm GMBH, Germany for  Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) up to 1000 MWe (Tumbling Hammer Design) Indigenous Top Rapped Compact Design for Industrial Range Boilers/ Other Applications  Experience: More than 150+ ESP Installations, with biggest unit of 180 MW.


Fuel Tech Inc., USA - For reduction of Particulate Matter emissions by use of Electrostatic Precipitators performance improvement technologies (especially Flue Gas Conditioning). For NOx reduction processes by use of urea or ammonia (SCR and SNCR).


Babcock Power Environmental Inc., USA - For Wet Limestone-based Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems of more than 100 MWe Unit Size.


ISGEC Redecam Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - For Bag Filters and Hybrid Filters for all industrial applications; for ESP's for Ferrous, Non-ferrous and Cement Industry for Dry DeSOx solutions (Dry Sorbent Injection & Circulating Dry Scrubber) for Industrial Applications.


Sumitomo SHI FW - ISGEC is the partner for CFB boilers and CFB dry scrubbers. A joint ISGEC/ SHI FW webinar was held in India in June. Presenters were Robert Giglio | Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development | Sumitomo SHI FW, Asif Hussain | Senior VP of Strategic Business Development | Sumitomo SHI FW, Greg Szulc | Commercial Manager | Sumitomo SHI FW and Niranjan Shastry | Senior Vice President | ISGEC Heavy Engineering Limited.


JK Cement is the second largest manufacturer of white cement in India, with an annual capacity of 600,000 tons. It is also the second largest producer of wall putty in the country with an annual installed capacity of 700,000 tons. JK Cement was the first company to install a captive power plant in the year 1987 at Bamania, Rajasthan. J.K Cement is also the first cement company to install a waste heat recovery power plant to take care of the need of green power. Today at its different locations, the company has captive power generation capacity of over 140.7 MWs which include 23.2 MW of waste heat recovery power plants.


JGC is a designer of power plant systems with a recent order in the Philippines. It also offers a dry scrubber system which has been successfully employed in Japan.


Jiangan Environmental supplies SO2 scrubber systems using ammonia to produce ammonium sulfate. It has many installations in China.


Johnsen Chemicals  was established in 2008 and has since been working on the development of a catalyst for solid fuel. The product has been tested on several markets with good results. The results show that the catalyst contributes to a reduction of harmful emissions while also making the combustion process more effective with a lower consumption of fuel. Sootaway is a combustion catalyst for solid fuel. The active ingredient is a manganese complex. The catalyst works on all types of solid fuels. 


Koch-Glitch provides mist eliminators for FGD systems. There are many articles about their experiences in the Utility E-Alert and discussions of their separation ability vs. particle size in the FGD & DeNOx Newsletter.


Lebracs Rubber Linings is a rubber lining manufacturer supply tank linings.


Logic Ladder  provides energy and environment intelligence technology including CEMS software that makes data simple to acquire, understand and act upon. 


Luehr Filter is teamed with Ecomak supplying APC equipment  and is widely covered in the Fabric Filter Newsletter.


Mago Thermal provides biomass capable boilers, venturi scrubbers, sieve trays, dry scrubbers, and double alkali systems.


Maharashtra State Power Generation (Mahagenco) has the highest overall generation capacity and the highest thermal installed capacity among all the state power generation utilities in India. In terms of installed capacity, it is the second highest generation company after NTPC, having generation capacity of 13,602 MW comprising 10,170 MW thermal, 2,580 MW hydel, 672 MW gas turbine and 180 MWp solar. It was established by the government of Maharashtra under the central electricity act-2003 with the principal objective of engaging in the business of generation of electricity,


Maxima FRP Product supplies FRP for scrubbers, blowers, tanks and chimneys.


MECS India is part of Dupont Clean Technologies, which furnishes Dynawave scrubbers and also complete systems to make sulfuric acid from SO2.  It also supplies ozone generation systems in combination with the Dynawave to absorb NO2 resulting from the reaction of NOx and ozone.  McIlvaine recently analyzed this potential for one power plant, which only needed modest NOx removal and found that this was much more economical than adding SCR.


MELCO India supplies bottom ash and flyash transportation systems as well as slurry pump repair parts.


The Ministry Of EnvironmentForest And Climate Change (MoEF&CC) is the nodal agency in the administrative structure of the Central Government for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of India's environmental and forestry policies and programs. The climate change program McIlvaine outlined to make future coal plants biomass capable and to plant millions of trees, is a combination which this agency already has within its scope.


NTPC is the largest power generator in India and one of the largest in the world. There are hundreds of articles about its activities in the Alert and various McIlvaine newsletters. There is detailed reporting of each proposed FGD project and the status of those underway.


OPG Power Generation is a developer and operator of power plants in India with 414 MW of thermal capacity.


Orient Cement began cement production in the year 1982 at Devapur in Adilabad District, Telangana. In 1997, a split-grinding unit was added at Nashirabad in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. In 2015, Orient Cement started commercial production at its integrated cement plant located at Chittapur, Gulbarga, Karnataka. With a total capacity of 8 MTPA, they serve Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. It has a 50 MW coal-fired power plant with ESPs.


Plasticon is a major supplier of FRP tanks, lining, etc. and has a joint venture with EPP in India. There are many articles on Plasticon in the FGD & DeNOx newsletter.


Reliance IndustriesThe company is the sole distributor of electricity to consumers in the suburbs of Mumbai. But in 2017 they sold the Mumbai operation to Adani Power. It also runs power generation, transmission and distribution businesses in other parts of Maharashtra, Goa and Andhra Pradesh. With its subsidiaries, it is developing 13 medium and large-sized power projects with a combined planned installed capacity of 33,480 MW.


RIECO Industries supplies wet FGD systems, fabric filters and other APC equipment.


RSWM is a large textile manufacturer with coal-fired power generation.


Smartluth provides power plant management software.


Steam Equipments provides air and water analysis systems.


Swan Environmental is a major international supplier of air and water instruments.  There are many articles on their power plant activities in Monitoring (now IIoT newsletter).


Talec Engineering solves APC problems. NTPC Ltd. was experiencing flow issues on the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactor due to ash buildup. In a pilot project overseen by YARA Environmental Technologies, the SCR was installed on a trial basis with the intent to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions. Talec Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was brought in to consult and install equipment which included a Martin air cannon.


Telanga State Power Generation has increased its installed power generation capacity to 16,506 MW from 7,778 MW in 2014 when the State was formed making it into one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. The Telangana government is now gearing up to increase the total capacity to 28,400 MW over the next 4-5 years.


Tethys Instruments is a manufacturer of gas and water on-line analyzers for environmental and process applications. 


The Ramco Cements Ltd, manufactures Portland Cement in eight state-of-the art production facilities that includes Integrated Cement plants and Grinding units with a current total production capacity of 16.45 MTPA (out of which Satellite Grinding units capacity alone is 4 MTPA). The company is the fifth largest cement producer in the country. Coal-fired generators have been supplied by Thermax.


Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is a government coal mining company jointly owned by the Government of Telangana and the Government of India on a 51:49 equity basis. The Singareni coal reserves stretch across 350 km of the Pranahita - Godavari Valley of Telangana with proven geological reserves aggregating to whopping 8,791 million tons. SCCL is currently operating 18 opencast and 30 underground mines in 4 districts of Telangana with a manpower around 48,942.


TATA Power  Presentlythermal power accounts for around 70 percent of Tata Power's portfolio. But the current energy mix is part of the company's long-term legacy before 2013 when renewable energy was pricier compared with competitive coal-fired power.


"The company's plan, 'Strategic Intent 2025' calls for up to 70 percent of new capacity additions to come from solar, wind and hydro through to 2025. This represents a significant departure from the accepted wisdom of just a few years ago that a major expansion of coal-fired power would be required to serve India's growing electricity demand", said Simon Nicholas, energy finance analyst at IEEFA.


The majority of Tata Power's thermal capacity is now centered on its 4,150 MW Mundra coal-fired power plant - one of the biggest power plants in India - which experienced losses reaching $191 million for the first three-quarters of FY 2019. See detailed analysis in the July 19 Utility E Alert.


Thermax Limited has concluded an order of INR 471 crore from an Indian government power company to set up two flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems at their thermal power plant in the state of Jharkhand.


As a part of the customer's drive to meet the mandates for regulating SOx emissions from coal fired power plants, they plan to install two units of FGD systems of 500 MW capacity each at their plant.


"Since its inception, Thermax has been one of the key contributors to the nation's pollution abatement journey by providing sustainable solutions. This prestigious order reinforces our capabilities in supporting power plants to meet the stringent emission laws laid by the government in line with its commitment to the environment," says M.S. Unnikrishnan, MD & CEO, Thermax Limited. See details in July 19 Alert.


Torrent Power - Torrent  has thermal power generation capacity of 3,092 MW with a unique mix of coal and gas-based power plants that use the latest power generation technologies to ensure high thermal efficiency. It also operates in the renewable energy segment with 610.5 MW operational plants and 851.3 MW plants under-construction, taking the total renewable generation capacity to 1461.8 MW.


UltraTech Cement Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of grey cement, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) and white cement in India. It is also one of the leading cement producers globally. The company has a consolidated capacity of 102.75 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of grey cement. UltraTech Cement has 20 integrated plants, 1 clinkerization plant, 26 grinding units and 7 bulk terminals. Its operations span across India, UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. UltraTech Cement is also India's largest exporter of cement reaching out to meet the demand in countries around the Indian Ocean and the Middle East.  4 x 25 MW coal-fired plants are described at


Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd is the only Indian manufacturer of chemical detector tubes, electrochemical gas sensors and pellistors for combustible gases. The company also supplies Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS), Water Quality Analyzers,  and Oil Quality Analyzers.


United Conveyor makes flyash handling equipment and also  direct sorbent injection systems which are being supplied to the Dadri power plant and will be the first large scale power plant application of DSI  in India. Hundreds of articles on United Conveyor appear in the Alert, FGD & DeNOx, Precipitator, Fabric Filter and other McIlvaine newsletters.


Valmet  can help convert older Indian coal-fired boilers to a combination of biomass and coal. (see introduction) In Finland, Valmet delivered a CFB boiler with 100-percent coal-firing capacity and a design fuel mixture that also includes wood-based biomass (0-75 percent), agro-based biomass (0-15 percent), peat (0-95 percent) and solid recycled fuel (0-5 percent).

The target is to run the plant 70 percent on biomass. In order to run purely on biomass, the plant would have to make an additional investment. Valmet's delivery also included flue gas cleaning systems and a wide range automation solutions, for example, for monitoring emissions and managing energy consumption.


Vasthi Instruments manufactures the following instruments:  Gas Analyzer, Gas Detectors, Dew Point Meter, Dew Point Analyzer, Online Dew Point Meter, Portable Dew Point Meter, Particulate Monitors, Stack Gas Analyzers, and have been supplying instruments to customers worldwide.


Virginia Mining Resources (VMR) is incorporated in the United States. It  provides mining services and expertise in coal mining in the U.S. The company is currently actively pursuing expansion of its mining footprint internationally with focus in India. VMR's India operations are initially concentrating on coal and iron ore mining. This includes management of mine operations through planning, design and development in long-term contractual basis through the Mine Development Operation (MDO) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) concepts in the public and private sector.


W.L. Gore supplies mercury and SO2 capture polymeric absorbers.  It also supplies Gore-Tex media and bags for particulate capture.  There are hundreds of articles and recorded webinars in the McIlvaine publications on Gore technology. Mark DeGarboewski was a speaker at SOx-NOx and Jeff Kolde was an attendee.


Indian Power Producers have access to Free System to determine True Cost

Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions is a comprehensive service with 4 newsletters, intelligence system, webinars and continuing analysis of the range of flow and treat products.  For power plant producers it is a free way to keep updated on the true cost of the various products.  For suppliers it is an inexpensive way to validate the true cost of a product

Here are examples of ongoing true cost Decision Guides for PowerGen attendees in New Orleans which will also be available to PowerGen India attendees.

True Cost of Limestone FGD Recycle Pumps

Woven Belts and Cloths for Coal Fired Power Plants

The service includes the Precipitator,  Fabric Filter, IIoT and Remote O&M and FGD & DeNOx newsletters.  Here is a link to a recent FGD newsletter


FGD Market offers billions of Dollars of Profits

More than  $50 billion per year will  be spent on the systems, parts, consumables and services by power companies to build and maintain flue gas desulfurization (FGD) Systems. If these systems are not meeting SO2 emission limits the power plant must cease operations. All the elements of severe service are present: corrosion, temperature, and abrasion.  As a result power companies are focused on buying products with the lowest true cost.  This translates into billions of dollars of potential profits for suppliers.

These profits are achievable by identifying the potential for each customer, providing evidence of the lowest true cost and then convincing the customer (validating the claims).

A cost effective program is available. FGD Most Profitable Market Program costs less than $10,000 per year.  It includes customized forecasts for each country and each purchaser for any one of the following.


Ball Mills









Mist Eliminators

Scrubbers- Dry

Filter Belts


Stainless Alloys



Remote Monitoring

Filter Bags


Pneumatic Conveying


This is an extension of

Identification of each purchaser and weekly project tracking is included in

This includes every coal fired power producer world wide

The validation process with customers is accomplished through

This service allows the purchasers to conclude which products have the lowest true cost.  Here is a link to one of the recent webinars

Th broader Most Profitable Market Program is detailed at

Bob McIlvaine can answer your questions at direct 847 784 0013 and cell 847 226 2391.


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