New Projects


Chemical Lime Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Charleston, South Carolina and St. Genevieve, Missouri.

·         Mechanical and structural detail engineering of pneumatic conveying for indirect firing of two lime kilns, new storage bins, material handling and preheater lance cleaning.

·         Engineering and equipment selection for the indirect coal firing system for two Maerz shaft kilns, including pulverizing, distribution and storage.

·         Conceptual layouts and preliminary engineering for three potential new lime plant configurations with associated plant systems, including capital cost estimate comparisons.

·         Lime slurry tank and conveyance engineering.


Chemical Lime Co. in New Braunfels; TX, Louisville, KY, area, and Idaho


Chemical Lime acquired Franklin Industrial Minerals (the operating division of Franklin Industries, Inc., Nashville, TN) in 2006. Franklin is a major U.S. producer of chemical-grade crushed and ground limestone from nine mining and processing facilities in five States.


Chemical Lime’s parent, the Lhoist Group of Belgium, sold its refractories subsidiary, LWB Refractories GmbH & Co., to Rhone Capital LLC. LWB Refractories operates refractory dead-burned dolomite plants in France, Germany, and York, PA.


Graymont in Quebec, Canada.

·         Design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a new rotary lime kiln burner system for coal.


Solutia (Monsanto) in St. Louis, MO and Soda Springs, ID.

·         Engineering for the conversion to indirect firing of coal at two facilities, including modifications to the lime kilns, materials handling, burner pipe design and raw materials storage.


Carmeuse Lime Co., Kentucky

·         Civil/structural, electrical and instrumentation engineering including bid packages, bid evaluation assistance and construction services


Carmeuse Lime, Black River, Kentucky

·         Engineering for new baghouse

·         Conceptual electrical, mechanical and structural engineering

·         Construction schedule and start-up


Carmeuse to Acquire Oglebay Norton


Carmeuse’s Millersville Plant Expands Operating Capacity


Wingra obtains Air Quality Permit for Coal-Fired Lime Kiln in Wisconsin

In 2006, Wingra Engineering successfully obtained an air quality permit for a new coal-fired lime kiln to be located in Superior, Wisconsin. The kiln was subject to the Prevention of Significant Deterioration air quality regulations including an evaluation of Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and near-field air quality impacts. All air pollutants were controlled using BACT or state-of-the-art air pollution control methods. These included the use of a fabric filter baghouse for the capture of dust from the kiln and materials handling operations, and use of low sulfur coal and a preheater type kiln to neutralize sulfur dioxide emissions by 92%. Combustion related air pollutants including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide were controlled by the use of a preheater lime kiln which reduced both energy usage and resulting stack emissions by over 30% compared to the conventional lime kilns. The project was designed to assure nearby air quality impacts were insignificant for all air pollutants. Approval was obtained from the U.S. Forest Service by demonstrating that impacts on nearby Class I Air Quality Areas including the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Rainbow Lake Wilderness were insignificant.

Alpha Natural Resources Takes Equity Interest in Mine-Mouth Lime Project in Kentucky

Puerto Rican Cement in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

·         Preliminary study of lime plant and pack house.


Southern Peru Copper, Peru.

·         Process and basic engineering for existing lime plant capacity increase, including equipment specifications.


Cal Norte in Quelon, Chile.

·         Feasibility study for a new greenfield lime plant using an underground limestone deposit.

·         Preparation of flow diagrams, selection of kiln capacity, preliminary layout drawings, capital cost estimates and economic study.


Compañia Colombiana de Clinker in Cartagena, Colombia.

·         Plant audit of existing kiln system for maximizing capacity. Calculations included a dimensional analysis of the kiln and the shaft cooler, analysis of the kiln rotational speed and motor power and a determination of the capacity requirements of the kiln vent gas water spray system, dust collection system, cooler fans, kiln vent fans and kiln burner.

·         Basic engineering to improve emissions and increase kiln production for a lime kiln by installation of conditioning tower and conversion of existing electrostatic precipitator to a fabric filter.

·         Targeted work tasks needed to start up such as refractory requirements, fan requirements.


Buenaventura, Lima, Peru (Yanachocha Mine in Cajamarca, Peru).

·         Engineering support and a feasibility study for a new greenfield lime plant.

·         Assistance in preparing an environmental impact assessment (EIA)

·         Preparation of bid package, evaluation, selection and procurement of kiln system.

·         Key consideration of the project was to determine required adjustments for kiln design due to high elevation. This lime kiln is the highest operating lime kiln in the world.




The trend in Europe and the Americas is to convert to solid fuel firing. This trend is reflected in the projects reported below. Two exceptions are a plant in Russia were gas is plentiful and one in China which has no pressure on greenhouse gas reduction


Kilns # l and # 2 at the Asimont plant of Carmeuse in Belgium are being converted to solid fuel under a contract with Maerz. The unit as of mid 2007 will be able to operate on 100% wood waste and petroleum coke, on 100% gas or any combination


The Ersa lime kiln in Argentina has been successfully converted to petcoke firing by Maerz


Line Kiln 3 at Spenner Zement in Erwitte Germany  was supplied by Maerz in 2006 and operates on pulverized lignite.


LCH placed an order with Maerz for a shaft lime kiln in Chizou China to produce 300tpd ob burnt lime



Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combinate, Russia December 2006

As reported in the September 2006 "Maerz News” Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combinate, Russia, has ordered a PFR Lime Shaft Kiln from Maerz. Now a second kiln has been ordered by this Client. Maerz will supply engineering, license, know-how, equipment as well as supervision services for the installation of the new kiln.

A corresponding Contract has been concluded between Techcom Import Export GmbH, Munich, Germany and Maerz, furthermore involving Izvesta, Russia, as the supplier of the plant to the final customer in Magnitogorsk.

The new lime kiln will have a daily capacity of 400 tons of burnt lime, processing limestone with a grain size of 40 to 80 mm and using natural gas as a fuel.

ICDAS, Turkey December 2006

ICDAS, domiciled in Istanbul, Turkey, has placed an order with Maerz for the supply of engineering, license, know-how as well as equipment for the installation of a new coal dust fired Maerz Lime Kiln.

The kiln of circular design will have a shaft cross section of approx. 9.6 m2 and is to produce 400 tons per day of burnt lime from limestone with a grain size of 40 to 80 mm. 22 burner lances will be installed in the burning zone of each shaft.

Maerz will supply the coal firing system, hydraulic equipment as well as special equipment for the electric, measuring and control plant.

Ispat Industries Ltd., India December 2006

Ispat Industries Ltd. from Dolvi, Maharastra, India, entrusted Maerz with the supply of know-how, license, engineering services as well as materials and equipment for the installation of a 300 tpd coal dust fired lime shaft kiln.

The new kiln of rectangular shaft type will have a shaft cross section of approx. 6.5 m2 and will be equipped with 22 burner lances in each shaft to feed the coal dust into the burning zone. Limestone with a grain size of 40 to 80 mm will be calcined in the kiln which is to produce 300 tpd of quicklime.

The scope of material supply comprises special refractory materials for the burning zone supporting arch set, firing equipment for coal dust, air blowers with motors as well as special electric, measuring and control equipment.

ICAL – Industria de Calcinação Ltda, Brazil October 2006

ICAL – Industria de Calcinação Ltda from Sao José da Lapa (MG), Brazil, has placed an order with Maerz for the supply of technical specialised engineering services, materials and equipment as well as supervision services for a new 600 tpd solid fuel fired Maerz 2-shaft lime kiln to be erected in their Sao José da Lapa Plant.

The Maerz PFR Kiln of the type R4S will have a shaft cross section of approx. 14.5 m2. It shall be fired either with 100 % petcoke dust or with a mixture of petcoke and charcoal dust. The new kiln shall calcine either limestone or dolomite with a grain size of 50 to 120 mm.

The Maerz scope of supply comprises know-how, license, engineering services as well as key equipment for the solid fuel firing system. Maerz shall furthermore delegate specialised personnel to supervise erection and commissioning of the Plant.

Cementos Progreso S.A., Guatemala October 2006

Cemento Progreso S.A. has been operating two Maerz Lime Kilns since several years and has now placed an order with Maerz for engineering services and the supply of a waste gas filter plant to be installed on kiln No. 1 at the San Miguel Plant.

The new bag filter plant – similar to the one installed on kiln No. 2 – will be of the suction type including an ID fan and shall have a filter bag area of approx. 600 m2. The filter bags will be made from Nomex material.

The new filter plant shall be operative in the first half of 2007.


Mineração Belocal Ltda., Brazil September 2006

Belocal, the Brazilian subsidiary of Lhoist, plan to expand the production capacity in their Limeira plant in the state of Minas Gerais.

The new kiln of the type R4S with suspended cylinder will be the 4th Maerz Kiln in this plant and will have a capacity of 600 tpd.

The first kiln in Limeira was built in 1995 as heavy fuel oil fired 400 tpd kiln. In 2001 a petcoke fired 400 tpd kiln was installed. At the same time the order was placed for kiln No. 3, a petcoke dust fired 400/500 tpd Finelime Kiln. In 2003 the first kiln was converted from fuel oil firing to petcoke/charcoal dust.

Kiln No. 4 shall also be operated with petcoke/charcoal and is planned to be commissioned late 2007.

Cal de Apasco S.A. de C.V., Mexico September 2006

Cal de Apasco, a subsidiary company of Mexico’s Calidra Group, placed an order for 2 x 300 tpd rectangular Maerz PFR Kilns type E5.

Maerz shall supply engineering and key equipment such as the firing and the kiln control systems. The new kilns shall be commissioned in late 2007.

REBASA Refractarios Básicos, S.A. de C.V., Mexico September 2006

REBASA from Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, recently placed an order with Maerz for the supply of engineering and key equipment for a 600 tpd natural gas fired kiln type R4S with suspended inner cylinder.

The kiln is designed to calcine limestone and dolomite, which is available in the area with excellent quality, with a minimum stone size of 20 mm. As the kiln may be - in a future stage - converted to coal dust firing the plant layout already provides for the future installation.

The kiln is scheduled to start up at the end of next year.

Tianjin Iron and Steel Company Ltd., China September 2006

Tianjin Iron & Steel Company Ltd., Tianjin, China, decided to convert their two existing 300 tpd coal dust fired Maerz Lime Shaft Kilns to converter gas firing and placed the corresponding order with Maerz.

The existing Maerz Kilns are of circular type with shaft cross sections in the burning zone of 7.1 m2 each. The converter gas used as the future fuel comes from the native steel mill typically having a heat value of 6’280 kJ (1’500 kcal) / m3n and will be fed to the kilns by means of rotary gas boosters.

Maerz will supply engineering, drawings, know-how, supervision and training services as well as key equipment for the conversion project. The new firing system will be designed to allow 100 % converter gas firing and 100 % coal firing as a back-up.

Carmeuse Hungaria Ltd., Hungary September 2006

Carmeuse Hungaria Ltd. placed an order with Maerz to convert the existing 450 tpd natural gas/heavy fuel oil fired Maerz lime kiln at their Beremend lime plant to solid fuel firing.

Maerz shall supply engineering, license, know-how, equipment and supervision services for the project.

The R3P type Maerz Kiln, built in 1978, processes limestone with a grain size of 50 to 120 mm and shall be operated, after having completed the conversion to the new firing system, with either 100 % natural gas, 100 % lignite dust or 100 % bituminous coal dust or a mixture of natural gas with any of above solid fuels.

Minera del Pacífico, Argentina September 2006

Minera del Pacífico, San José de Jachal, Argentina, previously known as Canteras y Caleras El Refugio, placed an order with Maerz to convert the existing 200 tpd oil fired Cimprogetti Lime Shaft Kiln to petcoke dust firing.

The existing kiln has a daily capacity of 200 tons of burnt lime and is equipped with an oil firing system. After the conversion to solid fuel firing, scheduled for mid 2007, the kiln can be operated both with oil and petcoke as fuel.

NSL Chemicals (M) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia September 2006

The existing 160 tpd Maerz Lime Shaft Kiln No. 2 at NSL Chemicals’ (M) Sdn. Bhd. Ipoh Plant shall be converted from heavy fuel oil to coal/petcoke firing.

NSL Chemicals now placed an order with Maerz to supply engineering, license, know-how, materials and equipment as well as supervision services for the execution of the project to be completed within approx. 7 months from the date of order.


25 Maerz lime kilns have been installed in Italy. Locations, fuels and size are provided in the January  207 Maerz news. The Fassa group operates 12 lime plants in Italy and one in Portugal. Fassa has installed a new Maerz kiln at Montichiari. The 500 tpd plant uses saw dust as fuel.