A MAJOR MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The individual projects of interest to the local salesman when aggregated determine the  potential for the company. This is just one example of the need to relate a myriad of facts and statistics.  Here is a system which continually  tracks oil and gas, refining, ethanol, LNG, cement, steel and other projects. A series of companion reports provide the latest project information on power, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and flat panel display projects.

A boost in the forecast for ethanol means a reduction in the forecast for refining upgrades. The wind turbine market expansion is a gas turbine market contraction. A growing desalination market means a lost opportunity for surface water treatment.  Here in one place is a forecast system for each industry with country by country forecasts.

An upward change in the GDP forecast will boost the electronic toy forecast which boosts the semiconductor forecasts which boost the ultrapure water needs which boost the market for ion exchange resins. GDP updates are continually provided and five year forecasts are provided for each country.

The developments in one country impact the world market to an extent never before experienced. To generalize about the Asian market is equivalent to generalizing about mice and men. The expansion of the disk drive production in China insures lower production in Indonesia. Hundreds of pages of analysis are provided and kept current for each country of the world. Also included is a 5 year forecast of the individual industries as a percentage of the U.S. market

Many market managers are frustrated to find that no available market report has a focus on the specific product under analysis.  Here is a system which has an amazing amount of information on a range of products from flow sensors, consulting, information technology and all the environmental and energy segments.  A summary of reports by others and gateways to their publications are also provided.

Who would deny that it is better to attach a number to a conclusion about your market. Yet now many conferences end with some qualitative rather than quantitative conclusion.

Here is an instant forecasting system. All you do is insert a little bit of information and then you see displays for your product in every industry and every country for the next five years. This tool can be part of your next sales meeting.

Here is a service which provides instant answers to questions such as:

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