How to Use this Report


This market report is unique in that the forecasts are based on the actual decision making process. A service for utilities entitled NOx Decisions helps utilities decide whether to invest in NOx control or avoid this expense. It also helps decide whether to select SCR or SNCR or multi pollutant control. It gives performance information on system and component suppliers.


This information is then used in this market report to determine how big the market will be, how it will split between SCR and SNCR, and what market shares are being achieved by the various players.


This report provides access to NOx Decisions. Thus the reader can drill down as far as he likes relative to regulations, costs, performance, and all the other aspects. It is set-up in decision tree format for easy navigation. There is also an alpha search on each twig which is quite useful.


Note at the top of the page is the Revenue hyperlink. NOx revenue forecasts are continually updated. You can click on individual countries or larger groupings.


A search capability allows easy navigation of this very extensive report.


A networking directory gives contacts at the OEM and A/E companies covered in the report.


News is another search engine but to one of the FGD & DeNOx Newsletter as opposed to the search of the report itself.


Down the left side there are a number of other hyperlinks.


Updates provide news for the recent month.


The Overview includes a summary which is updated regularly.


World Power Generation Industry Analysis provides a complete analysis of coal- and gas-fired power generation growth for the next 5 to 10 years.


New Plants provides a quick summary of new coal-fired plants under construction or planning worldwide.


NOx Megawatt Forecast provides the basis for the revenue forecasts.