Instant Article Retrieval

The instant article retrieval system allows you to obtain articles within minutes using our organized, comprehensive and structured retrieval system. Articles from McIlvaine newsletters are available along with articles and papers from magazines and conferences.

Here is how the system works. You can search for the article you need in one of four categories: company, descriptive key word, application or location. The company identification is unique in that there is only one spelling for a particular company or division. Glegg is part of General Electric but the information on ultrapure water will be found under Glegg not General Electric.

You can also search under the descriptive key word. This is an extremely efficient and unique way to gain knowledge even while searching. This is because each subject is carefully classified. Since decision making is classification, the key words inform you of the options.

You can also search under a specific application which is identified by SIC code. If you are in the chemical industry you can search just within this category. End users can quickly identify vendors with experience with their specific problem.

Location is a fourth search option. You can search by country or State. If you click on Australia you will find over 360 articles.

How to Proceed

You select one of the 4 categories and then identify the articles you need. Then fill out the order form and e-mail or fax the form to us. We will e-mail or fax the articles to you on the same day and usually within the hour.


When you are ready to order an article click on the order form at the bottom of the search page.