The "Air Pollution Management" Newsletter

June 2008
No. 362

Mercury Removed Down Stream of Scrubber

There are options to remove mercury downstream of a wet scrubber. This could be a very big potential if the MACT level was higher than 90 percent. If a combination scrubber and post scrubber device could cost effectively achieve 95 percent removal or higher, then the technology could drive the regulations.

Substitutes for ACI Used

Several options to ACI would serve the same function. None is now a serious contender but the potential is there.

Hybrid Multi-pollutant Device

J-Power REACT, the Powerspan technology and some others are possible contenders to take at least a small part of the market.


All Mercury Removed in Wet Scrubber

With the use of additives prior to and in the scrubber the potential for 90 percent or greater mercury removal in the scrubber is high.

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