The "Air Pollution Management" Newsletter

June 2008
No. 362

CO2 Ready

It is unclear how important the “CO2 ready concept” will be in impacting the NOx control market.  But new pulverized coal plants permits have been rejected because the plants were not deemed to be CO2 ready. A CO2 ready plant is one which could add a CO2 scrubber without major modifications to existing equipment.

DOE has published a document analyzing the concept of CO2 ready as well as the costs for retrofitting existing PC plants with CO2 capture systems.

This document indicates that SO2 should be no more than 10 ppm to avoid creation of salts in the CO2 clear liquor scrubbing system.

Some plants installing scrubbers in the near future will want to make them CO2 ready. This may mean electing wet lime systems in order to meet the future efficiency requirements. Limestone systems with dibasic acid could also meet the 10 ppm. Dry systems would probably not be able to meet this low level.

The mercury reduction needs prior to CO2 capture have not been addressed. But the likely need for more efficient scrubbing will have a bigger impact on mercury control technology selection.

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