It started as a great market report.
Now it is so much more.


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For decades we have been forecasting the market for power plant flue gas desulfurization systems. We started the new millennium with a great enhancement. Thousands of forecasts are now updated on line continually.  We forecast revenues for both systems and components for every country of the world.. We analyze trends and regulations and keep you updated monthly on new developments.


But now we are taking an even bigger step than the conversion from printed pages to online analysis. We have created a new service FGD Decisions which is a tool for both the purchaser and the supplier.   For details, click on FGD Decisions.


What is a decision for the utility is an opportunity for the supplier. What is an assessment of backlog and experience for the utility is competitive intelligence for the supplier. Recommendations on which conferences to attend for the utilities are also recommendations on where to exhibit for the supplier.  Efforts to improve the networking between supplier and utility at these conference benefit both.


The goal for FGD Decisions is lofty. With continuous contributions from suppliers, associations, consultants and the utility users, it can substantially influence how purchases decisions are made. So this service becomes much more than market information. It becomes a means of increasing the total market and the individual suppliers market share.




Major decisions in the decision tree are accompanied by market impact analysis. So the split between wet and dry system, between calcium and other reagents, between spray towers and tray towers are all provided.  This means that the individual supplier can take the thousands of market forecasts we provide. He can then apply the percentage splits and obtain the market potential for his specific product. (For subscribers to both the market report and the Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System we offer a package which will include custom forecasting of the individual supplier market)




The impact of CAIR, the EU 2008 deadline, the Chinese SEPA rules and other regulatory impacts are provided. All the other market drivers not only for systems but components are tracked. The cost differential between low sulfur and high sulfur coal can mean the difference between the wet limestone vendor and the dry lime vendor receiving the order. This in turn makes the difference in whether the pump or the bag company is a big beneficiary.




The report provides market shares for all the system suppliers. These include lists of every previous installation plus orders for delivery up till 2009 or later. There is also substantial data on pump, belt filter, ball mill, damper, nozzle and other products and services.




The system provides the specific emails and phone numbers for the A/Es and OEMs around the world ( the utility contacts are in a separate service called Utility People). Specific arrangements will be made for networking at Coal Gen, Power Gen Europe, Power Gen, Bagfilter Shanghai, EUEC , ICAC etc.




Which associations should you join? Where should you advertise and exhibit. What are the real concerns of your potential purchaser.  How do you get a new product tested in what has to be the most difficult industry in which to introduce something new? Where do you go for other informational needs?  These are questions which are answered with this service.


NO27  FGD Markets and Strategies    $3900.00   Click here to order
Price: Online for 1 year $3900.00, additional users $200/yr each.


NO27 FGD Markets and Strategies plus 42EI Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System  $5900 per year plus $300 per additional subscriber


For more information on the Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking system click here.


If the above package is ordered with 10 additional users for a price of $8900 McIlvaine will provide a free access database with forecasts for your specific FGD product  for each country of the world at no additional charge.