Fabric Filter Networking Directory

Company: Black & Veatch Corporation

Address: 11401 Lamar Avenue
City: Overland Park                    State: KS
Zipcode: 66211
Country: USA

Telephone: 913-458-2000
Fax: 913-458-2934
url: http://www.bv.com


Stock exchange:  
Stock symbol:  
Last annual report:  

Name Title Email Telephone Fax Source Description
    smithll@bv.com 913-458-2000 913-458-2012 PowerGen FGD Exhibitors 2008
Anand Mahabaleshwarkar Air Quality Control Sect. Lead mahabaleshwarkerkara@bv.com 913-458-7736/913-558-7003   Elec. Util. Envr. Conf./EUEC/ 1-2009 Tucson
April Anderson-Higgs Manager/ Fuel Consulting Proj. anderson-higgsaa@bv.com 913-458-9740 913-458-2934 American Coal Council Members
G. Scott Stallard   stallardgs@bv.com 913-458-9764 913-458-2122 Improving Power Plant Efficiency
Garry Hart Sr. Vice-Pres./ AQ Control hartgw@bv.com 913-458-4520 913-458-2012 Mega Symposium Baltimore 8/08
Katie Linden Mgr./ Sales Administration lindencm@bv.com 913-458-2850 913-458-2012 Mega Symposium 8-2006
Mark Amick General Manager/ ACQ smithll@bv.com 913-458-2247/c#913-707-2979 913-458-2012 Mega Symposium Baltimore 8/08
Michael L. Meadows Engineer/ Air Quality Control meadowsm@bv.com 913-458-4520 913-458-2012 General Entry from 11/09 to 5/10
Monica Howerton Market Analyst/ AQC howertonm@bv.com 913-458-4520 913-458-2012 Mega Symposium Baltimore 8/08
Roosevelt Huggins Associate Vice-President hugginsr@bv.com 913-458-7864 913-458-2012 General Entry from 11/09 to 5/10
Sam Scupham, P.E. Consultant/ Energy scuphamsk@bv.com 913-458-7959 913-458-2934 Elec.Util.Envr.Conf./EUEC 1-2008 Tucson

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