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N6F World Cleanroom Markets:  $ 3700.00  online access/yr   ($200.00 for each additional user)  Click here to order
Content:  Provides analyses and forecasts of the world wide markets for cleanroom systems, components, services and consumables.  It addresses key questions such as how many gloves are used by a pharmaceutical class 100 worker. Based on projected numbers of workers, and price per glove forecasts are then displayed and continually revised for each country and industry.  In this fast changing market place it is necessary to have information as current as .  Find out how this report reflects the latest developments by
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80A World Cleanroom Projects $850.00/year  (Additional users $80.00/year)   Click here to order
Cleanroom Projects is a continually updated on line tracking of new cleanrooms in planning, under construction or in operation.  Projects in every country and every industry utilizing cleanrooms are reported.  Information includes names of contractors. facility description, cleanroom size and other data useful to suppliers.  Projects are identified early in their development and tracked through a sequence of contracts.  The database is searchable in a variety of ways as demonstrated by the following examples in which you first click on an index page and then on a specific project.
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86DI Cleanroom Networking Directory $200.00/yr on-line ($20.00/yr for additional users)
This continually updated on-line directory provides the contact names at supplier and consulting companies around the world. E-mail addresses, titles and telephone numbers are included for the key management, sales, purchasing, and technical personnel. The database is easily accessed by product or directly by company.
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