Integration of Sales Forcasts and quotas

How it works

This report provides the narrow segmentation equivalent to individual sales territories.  Therefore, the responsible salesman can provide feedback and help authenticate the forecast.  The confidence is then gained to use the forecasts with market share percentages to obtain individual company sales quotas or targets.  The company need only supply these percentages.  Sales target revenues then will continually rise and fall in direct proportion to the product forecasts.

There are two presentation options, McIlvaine can deliver monthly electronic files and the purchaser can add the market share percentages.  Alternatively, McIlvaine will set up a protected web site, sign a confidentiality agreement, and provide the displays.


1.      The corporate sales quotas are current and accurate.

2.      Salesmen are always working with a current and meaningful target.

3.      Variances between original and current forecasts can initiate “action triggers” on advertising, inventory, etc.

How to proceed

Contact McIlvaine for a quotation.  It will be based on the selected option and number of users.  Also, multi-year contracts are available at a lower yearly cost.