Various internal data which would be valuable for ABC sales and technical data should be posted first to the internal website.  Power point presentations prepared to address a specific application for a single client should be submitted to Mcilvaine to post on the internal site.  A subsequent decision will be then made as to whether to make this into an InterWEBview for the ABC public site.

Intelligence about prospects relative to a   specific application received from sales people can also be posted to the internal ABC site.   In short anything of value to a broader audience at ABC about a specific application should be submitted and posted.


Calendar of Events

Data should be submitted to Mcilvaine relative to possible attendance at future exhibitions and conferences.  This can be derived from the the calendar of events on the “all public site”  Reports by personnel exhibiting or walking the floor at  conferences should also be posted.  This will help determine the resources to be applied for the next conference.



Generally data about companies should be key worded under the corporate rather than the division name. However  for large companies it may be more desirable to code information by division. It is also automatically coded by corporation.



Analysis of competitors, prospects, and specifiers can be posted to the internal site and located easily through this query. Note that the specific corporation # can be obtained from the “Other Resources”. This also lists the subsidiaries.



Data which is geographically significant should be posted with location key words.  See “Other Resources”  for a completely organized approach.


Other Subjects

Relevant data can be posted to the internal site with subject key words which are decisively classified.  See Other Resources for the parent child system.



People within the ABC company as well as those with prospects, competitors, and specifiers can be  identified along with specific intelligence.   ABC people identified internally may also be candidates to be listed in the ABC public site. The concept is to empower the individuals with niche knowledge  within a company to be able to network with prospects as well as internally. 



Intelligence needs to be identified by relevant processes..  See “Other Resources” for examples.  There needs to be agreement on terms such as the choice between metering and dosing. It is better to choose the more  popular “metering” and then work with Mcilvaine make this a standard and to obtain precise translations without synonyms in English, Chinese, And Spanish.



Intelligence should be identified with precise relevance to ABC products. Agreement should be obtained as to the precise wording and an effort made with Mcilvaine to standardize on it. 



The internal site can indicate who is reading the publications listed in the “all public” site.  Are there additional publications to be considered for subscriptions or advertising. This is an opportunity to give ABC personnel a chance to provide their input.


Publication Date

Comments about specific issues of publications can be viewed by including the publication date.


Text Descriptor

Internal data can be identified by whether it is a presentation ( power point),  recorded video, article, database etc.



It is important that every piece of internal intelligence be accompanied by a headline detailed enough to determine to the viewer whether it is worth reading completely.